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On Tuesday, November 6, announcements for the "Austràlijas Balva 2018" music prize were announced on the broadcast of "Latvia Radio 5 –" broadcasting "Cinco Ritos" on 6 November.

This year's award-winning album will be announced at a special ceremony on the night of November 30.

The following albums were nominated for the Austrian Award of 2018:

  • Arturs Skutle and Scenes – "Never Now"
  • Domenique Dumont – "Auto Rhythm Thumbnails
  • Evija Vebere – "in the heart"
  • Imants Daksis – "Ass"
  • Instrument – "Devil"
  • Polifona – "You look like a lost soul"
  • Sigma – "Mythology"
  • The Devil – "Mass"
  • Folk Folk – "Folk Folk"
  • The poets of sound – the three

As in previous years, all Latvian or Latvian musicians who live in Latvia from October 19 last year until October 18 this year have qualified for the award. The top ten are included in the nominee list after selecting a winner from the nominated albums.

This year, the winner or winners of the Austrian Prize will receive a prize for the promotion of other activities of the Association of Artists and Producers of Latvia (LaIPA).

Commenting on the award, Lena Grina, head of the association, acknowledges: "The Austrian award is an important point for us when we see the results of the work done by Latvian musicians during the year, and it is a pleasure that the LaIPA fellowship boosts the creative growth of music and culture. "

Continuing with the launch of the program this year, the concert will be for this year, which will be broadcast live "Latvijas Radio 5 –", "" and "" – this will be held on 30 November at the Daile House of Music and will end with an award-winning album. In addition, all the nominated musicians will be invited to interview "Latvian Radio 5 –", where Aleksis Vilciņš and Carmen Stepanova will be interviewed in the "Full Evening" program.

This year, the Austrian Prize will be presented for the fourth time, and previously received by the solo artist Alise Joste, as well as the group "Riga Fashion" and "Satellites LV".


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