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"Now, looking back, I do not want to admit to myself that I'm confused with a sense of security. But no one is on their way the same way … At that time, the definition of love was – security. But we emanated from each other, and everyone started doing their own thing – he was in Valmiera, me in Riga. Our relationship was disinterested. We tried to talk about it, but we did not understand each other.

I understand that I have to work with myself, otherwise I die.

I remember the time I was in America with my mother. I can not explain it with my mind, but all of a sudden I felt physically – something in my life was going wrong. We sit in the meadow on the porch and I say, "Mother, I feel that there are two options: stay and torment, and burn in these relationships, or in the pit of holes, not knowing where to fall – with a head on the asphalt or a tramp. But I live a better life than a schematic I lived better in love, even though the scheme has collapsed. "At that time I did not even know where this idea of ​​love would take me," said the singer, who is currently with the soloist of The Sound Poets, Jānis Aispura, who recently left the family.

She told me that the beloved had made that decision before the novel began: "As I was, I only know John and my closest people. It did not happen fast, as in the media and how people fantasize in their minds."

As reported, it was known last year that the leader of The Sound Poets, Jānis Aišpurs, was no longer living with his wife, interior designer Madar Līviņi-Ašpuri, who has been married since 2006 and is raising two daughters together. In January, the yellow press reported that Aspurs and Andrejeva began to live together.

Aija Andrejeva was married to businessman Tom Berzins, both with rings in the summer of 2013, but the marriage lasted only three years.

This spring, Justine Apine, a nutritionist and fitness instructor, had the news – she and her husband, the entrepreneur Tom Berzins, became parents.

Apine has thrown a daughter into the world. Although the baby's name is not yet known, the woman reveals that the offspring came into the world on March 19.


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