After ten years, a giant asteroid – Space – Science – loses the Earth


It is true that there is no reason to worry, as the asteroid Earth will lose 30577 miles away, but will be seen even with the naked eye. The relatively small distance also means that it will be a special time for astronomers and other scientists.

"Approach to Apophis to Earth In 2029, there will be a unique scientific event because it is relatively rare when such a large object comes so close to Earth. With the help of radar, we can observe the surface of the asteroid in detail, and it will be possible to see the Earth's asteroid with the naked eye, "commented NASA scientist Marina Brozoviča.

For a simple person who is afraid of huge asteroids and their potentially miserable destruction, it will be good to know that the danger to our planet is not threatened and scientists are very happy that this asteroid approaches Earth.

It turns out that Apophis may even be a generous god and help scientists figure out what to do if Earth can be threatened by an asteroid.


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