Friday , October 22 2021

A dangerous asteroid is approaching the ground. Day Collision Potential Known – Science – – iTech


The Space Agency has announced that the asteroid is the fourth most dangerous object to be located near Earth, which could approach Earth. The probability of the asteroid entering Earth is 1: 7000.

Dangerous object called "2006 QV89". Currently, the asteroid is 4.2 million kilometers away.

Although a collision may occur on September 9, the scientists' estimates suggest that the asteroid may lose our planet at a distance of 6.7 million kilometers.

The first place on the ESA list of dangerous astronauts is taken by a strange "2010 RF12". According to the Space Agency, this asteroid could hit the ground on September 23, 2020.

Although it is now very far, it is known that in 2095 the inhabitants of Earth could not fail because an asteroid could destroy all life on Earth.

There are currently about 870 different asteroids in space, which are carefully monitored by ESA.

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