Friday , April 23 2021

A co-owner of a Ukrainian bank detained in Latvia suspects seizing 9.5 million euros – Criminal Messages – News

The police said that CityCommerce Bank Exporter arrested in October.

"At the request of the Ukrainian side, the Latvian authorities stopped one of them CityCommerce Bank holders of international searches. The president and the president of the board of this financial institution, through the commercial structures under his control, removed the assets of the bank. At the moment, the materials are being prepared for the banker's arrest in Latvia, "police said.

The investigation has gathered evidence that the bank's administration involves the seizure of bank assets amounting to almost 300 million hryvnia.

The investigation revealed that 2013-2014 Bank officials issued loans to fictitious companies, but the funds were legalized through commercial structures controlled by them. In the case of fictitious companies, secured loans against property, whose value has been increased dozens of times, are indicated by the police.

In 2017, bank executives were announced in an international survey. The chairman of the bank's board fled to the anecdotal Crimea of ​​Russia and acquired Russian citizenship.

CityCommerce Bank is currently in liquidation stage, due to be completed in March next year.

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