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When police arrived, the child toyed with a smart device.

The conversation with the boy revealed that he was in school for the last time in February.

It also appeared in the databases that a 12-year-old child had already arrived in the police force two weeks ago.

At that time, the boy was delivered to his mother, so that his mother's phone number was immediately identified. At the time, she was informed of what had happened to her, she promised not to go to the supermarket immediately.

While waiting for the boy's mother, the boy was asked about the reasons for not attending school.

The child was crying when he said that his classmates at school were drowning him because he had no cell phone, tablet or computer.

The child at home told her mother about the mockery, but she did not act, says the RPP. After a short period, the boy's mother arrived at the scene.

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To check the child's living conditions, the mother was taken to the place of residence with the boy. Satisfactory conditions were found during the housing inspection. When she asked her mother what had been done since the last police inquiry, she explained that she had called her son's guardian.

The teacher denied that classmates were drowning the boys.

The woman put her son back in school, but the boy kept drifting off.

The mother of the child is called to monitor her bullet more carefully, as well as to get in touch with the child's problems and try to find a solution together.

The case materials were referred to the staff of the Children's Prevention Department of the RPP for further work with the family.


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