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6 MWh of electricity has already been charged at Elektrum charging stations

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Electricity charging stations have already charged 6 MWh of electricity ">

Since August 29, when work began Electr recharging points for electric vehicles, where 6 MWh of electricity is charged. Most users use the quick reload option.

According to the data collected, the amount of energy recharged each week is increasing, as is the weekly electrical recharge of new unique customers. According to CSDD, 756 electric vehicles were registered in the country in the third quarter of 2019, of which currently Electr The station was used by 92 electric car owners – electric cars, electric motorcycles and mopeds. Of course, the fastest charging option is about 4.9 MWh, while the average speed is 1 MWh. This makes us proud of the fastest and most convenient electric car charging in Riga!

Received high Electr customer rating of the kilowatt hour (kWh) charging station. This is a more convenient and accurate way for the customer to evaluate the battery charge. Currently, the service price is 0.19 € / kWh for conventional and 0.25 € / kWh for fast charging. For example, the Nissan Leaf cold battery charges from 20% to 80%. Electr Fast mode charging stations cost about 4-5 euros, the same as in another popular network, charging according to time tracking.

In turn, Nissan Leaf charges from 0% to 80% Latvenergo The stations require about 35 minutes in quick charge mode and several hours in normal mode (depending on the electric car charger).

These are smart charging stations where you can charge and charge with custom mobile apps. Electr loading section. For the first time, this application was designed from the ground up for the Latvian market, adapted to our charging stations and applications and offers additional features in similar and custom versions. Allows you to track billing status and costs and find the nearest one on the map Electr The electric car's charging station, instant availability, charging prices, and charging time allow the user to specify how long they will occupy a specific charger so that other stakeholders can plan their arrival more efficiently. The app also provides feedback to help you track data – how often and what types of electric vehicles users use, which charging station is most sought after etc.

Electr electric car charging stations are located at 7 Uzvaras Boulevard, 12 Pulkveza Brieza Street and 4 Jomas Street, Jurmala. It is important that they provide fast charging capacity (50kw) and the usual average speed (22kW) and can charge two electric cars at the same time (three on P. Brieza Street).

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