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YTN says it will not remove its export controls


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[앵커]Japanese media reported that the Japanese government has decided not to accept South Korea's demand for repealing export regulations.

It is also reported that the US was informed of the decision, making it difficult for the Korean government to find a justification for extending the Military Information Protection Agreement and the Gisomia.

Tokyo connection. Correspondent Hwang Bo-yeon!

Has Japan decided not to withdraw its export control measures?

[기자]Today's report from Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan.

Yomiuri reported that the Japanese government has decided to adopt a final policy not to meet the demand for removal of export restrictions proposed by South Korea as an extension of Jisomia.

The policy was decided last Friday, Friday.

The background is the result of a review of Korea's response to South Korean demands, based on consultations between diplomatic authorities and ROK-US negotiations.

The Japanese government reaffirmed that export control and Jisomia are at different levels and also sought US interest.

President Moon Jae-in met with US Defense Minister Esper Korea to attend the Korean-US Security Council to clarify that Jisomia can only be extended if Japan's revocation of retaliation is revoked.

As a result, if the Japanese government does not repeal its July export regulations in retaliation for condemning the South Korean Supreme Court, Jisomi could lose its effectiveness by 12:00 am

A Japanese government official repeatedly told Yomiuri that "export management is a security issue and Korea must respond."

Export restrictions are believed to continue to dissuade the claim that they were made for security purposes, not for economic retaliation against the imposition of refunds.

Yomiuri Shimbun argued that the impact of Japan's security award would be limited even after the end of Chisomia.

At the same time, it is a symbol of security cooperation between Japan and the US, which emphasized the fact that Japan and the United States strongly demanded the maintenance of Jisomia.

The Japanese government is calling for a repeated reconsideration of the decision to close Jisomia at the ASEAN Defense Ministers meeting in Bangkok, Thailand and at the Japanese Defense Ministers meeting.

So far, YTN Hwang Bo-yeon in Tokyo.

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