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Yong-sup Market "Gwangju-type Jobs, Joint Venture Automobile Factory"


▲ Exit central investment examination and approval of administrative affairs to establish joint venture corporation
▲ Joint venture corporation by Green Car Industry Promotion Agency
▲ Investment agreement ceremony held in June, establishment of joint stock corporation and joint venture corporation in July
▲ Beginning of the car factory in the second half of this year and mass production plan in the second half of 2021

The establishment of a joint venture automobile factory is about to be established, as the Ministry of Public Administration and Security has been firmly informed about the exemption of the financial investment examination, which was the biggest obstacle to the establishment of the car factory, the first working model of the Gwangju type.

▲ Mayor Lee Yong-seop will hold a press conference on the creation of a joint venture of the Gwangju car and automobile plant in the information room on the 5th floor of the City Hall on the 23rd, and will inform the progress of the project and plans for the future.

According to the government's final notice on the exemption of the local financial investment review for the Gwangju-type car plant project on June 21, all administrative procedures necessary to indirectly invest as a shareholder in the city auto factory business of Gwangju have been completed.

※ According to Article 37 (2) of the Local Finance Law, new investment projects with a total investment of more than W50 billion are subject to a central investment audit (feasibility study).

As a result of the completion of administrative and legal procedures for the car factory business, the city of Kwangju signed an investment contract this month, established a joint-venture of automobile factory through the general assembly of developers in July and began construction of the car factory in the second half of the year She plans to enter the mass production system in the second half of 2021.

On January 31, the city of Gwangju signed an investment agreement with Hyundai Motor and the Gwangju-type automobile plant, and immediately launched a follow-up work to promote the project.

First of all, the city of Gwangju took a long time when the car plant project underwent a central investment examination (feasibility study), since it was difficult to start construction in the second half of the year as planned, Law of Balanced Development (the initiative of Representative Song Kyeong-seok), which contains the reasons for exemption from the central investment audit, was submitted to the National Assembly.

The revised bill was proposed to the Industrial Construction Committee of the National Assembly in April and two deliberations were held. In order to prepare for the lengthy parliamentary rumors, the Gwangju Metropolitan City has pursued a plan to exempt the examination of central investment after deliberation and approval by the National Balanced Development Committee.

※ Investment Inspection Rule in Local Finance Article 3 (2) (1) Subsidiary (central investment audit exemption):
A project that was consulted between the ministries and was consulted with the Minister of Public Administration and Security

Thus, on May 23, the Minister of Planning and Finance, the Minister of Public Administration and Security, and the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy participated in the Presidential Committee on Balanced National Development.

Since then, the city of Kwangju has requested an exemption from the central examination of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of National Defense based on the decision of the National Balanced Development Committee, and on June 21, administrative proceedings were all over.

Meanwhile, the city decided to invest indirectly in the car factory business through the Gwangju Automobile Promotion Foundation, which is a specialized organization for the automotive industry and designated as the organizer of the project to create auto parts clusters, to ensure sustainability of the car factory. , & # 39; Installation & Operation Ordinance of the Gwangju Green Automotive Promotion Foundation & # 39; and the Bylaws.

In addition, on June 17, a motion for the car plant was approved by the city council. Thus, on June 24, the city of Gwangju will participate in the Green Cars Promotion Agency at 48.3 billion won, 21% of the 230 billion won capital of the newly incorporated corporation.

As such, the city of Gwangju is promoting the establishment of a serious joint venture as the administrative procedures necessary for the establishment of a joint investment corporation are finalized, such as exemption from examination of central investment, establishment of base of status, agreement the city council and so on.

Meanwhile, the city has been conducting administrative procedures for business investments, while in March Samil PwC was selected as the leading company in March and has been struggling to recruit investors with business plans and investment proposals from new corporations.

In this regard, the company plans to hold an investment agreement for an automobile plant joint venture with major investors in June, including the city of Gwangju, Hyundai Motor and Korea Development Bank, suppliers of automakers and midsize companies locations.

During July, the company will sign weekly deals, hold a general assembly of promoters and conclude a joint venture. Planned, the company plans to start building a car factory in the second half of the year and enter the mass production system in 2021.

"The construction of a Gwangju-type automobile plant, integrated with labor unions, is a new hope for South Korea, which not only creates jobs in Gwangju but also solves the structural problems of high cost and low cost." "As all administrative procedures to invest in the car factory are completed, we will establish a joint venture and start building the car factory in the year, and we will prepare for the initial schedule of mass production of automobiles in the second half of 2021 . "

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