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Yahoo Japan Line Already Next Week Unified Official Yomiuri Agreement


Z Holdings (ZHD), which manages Yahoo! Japan, and Naver's Japanese subsidiary (LINE) are known to formally agree to management integration early next week.

According to Yomiuri Shimbun, on January 16, the two companies will negotiate and complete consolidation next year and announce the deal early next week.

Yomiuri said the two companies will hold a press conference immediately after the deal.

The first press release on the 13th that the two companies are pushing for management integration was unclear.

Yomiuri said Z Holdings and Rhein intend to use their smartphone brands to maintain their strengths.

Z Holdings operates Pay Pay & 39; and & # 39; Pay Pay & # 39; from Line.

LINE Pay currently employs 37 million people and Pay Pay 19. Both companies have been extremely competitive in the payment market.

Both sides also plan to provide key services that can be used on Yahoo Japan's website, such as Yahoo Shopping, on Line's free calling application.

In this regard, Yomiuri predicted that the line with about 80 million subscribers would be the most widely used currency app in the Japanese market, which would be an opportunity for Yahoo to expand its business.

President Kentaro Kawabe and President Ishizawa Takeshi Rhein are known to have explored the possibility of business alliances against large IT companies such as Google.

Son Masayoshi, president of Softbank, ZHD's parent company, is also supporting management integration between the two companies.

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