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Wheesung & # 34; How to live now? Amy ... Amy

Singer Amy and her singer Amy and her sister-in-law, Amnesty International,

On the 19th, Whistle posted a video on their NHS account, which contained the contents of the conversation with Amy while Wheesung was crying.

Wheesung said as he talked to Amy, "Nobody believes me now, what do I have to do now? I could sing a song," he said. Amy said, "I'll put it back." It sounded so good, I told him honestly that I had a qualification. "Wheesung said," Why should I be.Why should I be what I am?

"This conversation reveals that there has been progress in the context of recognizing the possibility of bilateral registration," said the Royal Slow Company, a subsidiary of Wheesung. "In addition, there is no anticipated contact with the content of the conversation, and on April 17, 2019 Amy contacted me directly from the city," he wrote.

Wheesong told Amy that she was misunderstanding him. "I do not think Wheesong has any reason to rape." Amy realized that Whisung had spoken directly about the misinformation she had received from a third party.

In addition, he said: "The charges against Wheesung's propolis were already denied by the intense investigation six years ago, and the rape simulations emphasize" not at all true. "

Earlier, on April 16, Amy revealed that her boyfriend A, Propofol and Zolpidem had been taken together in their SNS. She also insisted on a police investigation that was planning to intimidate her by taking photos and videos of rape to stop Amy's mouth. Amy was pointing to the celebrity after it was revealed that the whistle increased. After that, Wheesung canceled the planned national tour show.

"I decided that it would be unavoidable to release the transcripts to resolve the suspicion and know the fans' purpose for the facts," Amy said. "I am officially apologizing to the media through me. I have clearly stated my intention to do so."


Wheesung I contacted Amy on the evening of April 17th, and I am pleased to report that the release of the call record was made according to Amy.

However, I had many problems until I decided to release it. The idea that Amy could also be a victim has not changed from the beginning to the present, so I hesitated to divulge it. However, I decided that it would be inevitable to release the transcripts to ease the suspicion around me and to allow his fans to know the facts.

Amy told me clearly that she would officially apologize to the media. However, I was worried that the apology would be created and controversial, without immediate confirmation of the factual relationship, only with hurried content. So I first asked Amy to post a fake post on the NHS and asked her to tell the reporter who interviewed her.

Amy accepted that, and besides, I asked her to avoid hasty behavior. In this transcript, parts that are not relevant to the current edition are inevitably edited.

I feel like I've lost almost everything. However, I think Amie's apology is the freedom of the parties. If you just apologize, I just want you to be happy.

1. Why was the response inevitably delayed?
Amy did not mention the blindness and I was in a situation where my mind and body seemed to be weak. Facts based on the facts had already been written on the day of the incident, and the evidence of refutation was also ready to be presented.

2. Part of the legal response
As a small corporation that still expects sales by singer Whistle, it is a fatal blow, and there are complaints about the media and malicious people attacking and spreading false facts that could have legal effects. I promise you that you will be punished with great force.

3. Cancellation of the joint concert
We will notify you clearly that this was not canceled at our request. It is not I who reaffirmed that all legal measures have been completed, but I have been notified of termination under the terms of the contract termination, because it is a situation where the performance agency can completely close the contract in the current situation. This is the most unfortunate and scary financial scam now.

4. The essence you should not miss
All the main characters in this case can be victims. When this incident is recorded on the media, actual damage to someone may occur. Instead of understanding the situation, I would like you to look only at facts that are neutral from the point of view, and not from the biased point of view about emotion.

I apologize for the inconvenience I have had with those who supported me, hoping that this situation will be completed soon.

Kim Myung-sun reporter [email protected]


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