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"Udasa" Park Yeon-soo confessed to divorce and nurture for the first time in 41 years


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"We can love again" still crop / photo credit = MBN

"We can love again" still crop / photo credit = MBN

Supermodel actress Park Yeon-soo makes her first blind date at 41. A MBN & # 39; Can We Love Again & # 39; ("Udasa"), which aired at 11 pm on the 20th.

On last week's broadcast, Park Young-sun, Park Eun-hye, Kim Kyung-ran, Park Yeon-su and Horan shared their pains from the first date and gave a warm and frank conversation. Even after the official shooting, they continued talking late into the night, leaving a deep taste of "small talk" with tears and laughter.

In the broadcast, Park Yeon-soo goes straight to the blind spot as the first five-person House Udasa hitter and gets enthusiastic support from members. Shin Dong-yeop, who received the photo from Tingnam the night before, warms the scene with the introduction of "Full Bootina, Park Seo-Joon Style." Park Yeon-soo makes his emotion sincere and prepares for a blind date, constantly checking the smoothness of the car.

The meeting between Park Yeon-su and the blind date is over, and the two "may have seen a lot" and somehow reveal strangers. Park Yeon-soo, with his introduction at the beginning of the blind date, tells of the fact that he is divorced and is raising two children. Contrary to concerns, the blind date shows flexible values, saying, "People seem more important than the past." Then he confesses that "I think he's the most beautiful person in the blind date."

The Udasa Team said: "Yeonsu Park, who confessed his plight, and regardless of the" confession of encounter ", the date of blind men who attended the stimulation of those who attended," said, I would like to ask Park Yeon-soo, who once again had courage for their interest and support. "

& # 39; Udasa & # 39 ;, which began on the social issue of divorce, is bringing together topics with the realistic life and new loves of older sisters returning to the entertainment industry.

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