"This is the spirit of Haas Stone" Haas Stone, exceeding 100 million users worldwide


[게임플] Blizzard Entertainment today announced that Haas Stone, the company's first-ever smart card and digital card game, has surpassed 100 million players worldwide. Haastone is the first game in the world in 2014, based on the worldview of Warcraft, with everything from animation effects to the unique ambassadors of the heroic character.

J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment, J. Allen Brack said: "It's a tremendous thing that the number of Haas Stone players has surpassed 100 million, but more importantly, the millions of people around the world share the spirit of Haas Stone "" I'm impressed by the fact that millions of players and fans team up online and offline to form the Hasstone community in the form of watching event streamers like BlizzCon, "he said.

To celebrate the advancement of the millionaire player of Haas Stone, we will hold a special game event between November 7 and 11. For each player who achieves the Stone of Haas during the player's 100th birthday, the latest expansion pack, Dr.

In addition, you can earn up to 500 gold by completing all special event quests. Players can use Gold to purchase packs of cards from various in-game expansion packs and can use them to participate in Hasston Arena mode.

Jung Jin-sung reporter [email protected]

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