“ The third new city “ Goyang-ri, Provided 10,000 units to Seoul (Comprehensive)


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The government placed the names of Changleung-dong in Goyang-si and Daejang-dong in Bucheon-si in the list of 3 new cities. 10,000 families will be provided to Seoul.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation announced on Thursday that it plans to provide 300,000 homes in the Seoul metropolitan area – the Ministry of Land Transport and Transportation, Seoul Metropolitan City, Gyeonggi Province, Metropolitan Transportation, will sign MOUs to stabilize the real estate market in the metropolitan area.

Earlier, the government announced plans to provide 300,000 homes in the Seoul metropolitan area to stabilize the housing market in September. The company announced plans to provide 1,900,000 households with 300,000 households planned for the first (25,000 households) in September and the second (155,000 households) in December of the same year. The plan was announced this day.

The 3 new cities announced so far are Namyangju Wang Suk (66,000 households), Hanam Kusan (32,000 households), Incheon Ganyang Techno Valley (17,000 households) and Gwacheon District (7,000 households).

The new city will be located in Changleung-dong, Goyang City (813,000 ㎡ and 38,000 households) and Daecheong-dong, Bucheon (3,430,000 ㎡, 20,000 households).

Most of the 10,000 households, including the transfer center of Sadang Station complex (1200 households), transfer center of Changdong station complex (300 households) and railway station of Wangsimri station (300 households) were planned to the station area. It is a plan to develop a combination of business, commercial facilities and public housing using the website of the subway station.

In addition, there are subway stations in the competition area, including Ansan Changsang (new Ansan station), Yongin station (Bundang station, new station GTX-A) and Anyang Induk station (station Indeok, line 4).

The city center location was constructed in the same way that public houses were constructed using urban public land, such as parking, government public building, military old-age downtown office, old and low public facilities.

The government also announced measures for transportation to new cities on that day. In the case of the Gangneung District, the Goyang Line (provisional name), a 14.5 km subway, will be built from the new substation (Line 6 and West Line) to Goyang City Hall. The seven new subway stations, including Hwajeon (Gyeonggi Chuo Line) and Goyang City Station, will be connected to the BRT (Express Bus System).

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs explained that once expanded the traffic system, it can be accessed from Yeouido for 25 minutes (West line), 25 minutes from Yongsan (Gyeonggi Chuang Line) and 30 minutes from Seoul Gangnam (GTX) .

In the case of Captain Bucheon, S (super), with a total length of 17.3 km, connecting the airport to Gimpo Airport Station (Line Train Airport, Line 5 · 9, Daegok Line Soja) and Station Bucheon General 7, Daegok Subway Line, GTX- Install the -BRT.

Construction of the Cheongna BRT connection with S-BRT and direct connection to Bucheon Sports Complex Station and Gimpo Airport Station is also underway.

To avoid eviction, public residential land is designated as land clearing area, in order to restrict development activities and prevent illegal activities. In addition, the company plans to continue monitoring development price monitoring, near the price of housing and the volume of land transactions, and to operate a joint dumping team when it is concerned with speculative transactions.

In addition, for the resettlement of indigenous peoples, the selection of the ecologically correct area will be considered, considering the preference of the resident, and the development of the type of resident participation through Daito-Ritz.

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