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"The Order of Candlelight Revolution and the Beginning of Legalization" at Fast Track Designation of Korea –

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"The request of the sovereign citizens who participated in the vigor of the candlelight began to be legalized," said Chung Min-jung, head of the presidential cabinet of the National Assembly's presidential cabinet, when the revised electoral system and judicial system was designated like fast track.

President Roh Moo-jeong (right) and President Roh Young-min of the country's presidential cabinet are in talks at the Cheong Wa Dae board meeting on Jan. 29. / Yonhap News

Cho said that as soon as the special commission for political reform and the special commission on reform of the Judiciary reformed the draft amendment of the public election law and the bill for the establishment of an official criminal investigation office and the law on the right of investigate the investigation, I put in the north. In this article, he said: "At the end of the difficulty, the law on the electoral law, the law on the investigation of the police (two), and the law on the control of the investigation were placed on the & 39; ; "He said.

"In the last two years, there was close cooperation between the Party, Chungcheong and Cheongju, and there was communication and coordination with the opposition party." "The ideal is to maintain a peaceful road from the square to the end during 2016-17," and the requests of the sovereign citizens who participated "began to be legislated." Cho said: "With the & # 39; 39; Kindergarten 3 Act # 39; and so on, it is expected that the & # 39; final version & # 39; be decided in the plenary session through faithful discussions in accordance with legal procedures by the end of the year.

"In this process, the participation and criticism of the Korean free party is guaranteed," he said. "Phyllis Buster of the Republican Party is anticipated, as the anti-terrorist law of the Democratic Party and the Justice Party, Filibuster, and must be guaranteed provided it does not involve violence." He said. Cho said: "This incident should be a boost to parliamentarism and the rule of law in our society."

Cho said: "In the year 2020, a National Assembly is created that more fully reflects the soul of the public, investigations and prosecutions for high-ranking official crimes are conducted more rigorously, and the 1954 model I look forward to restructure and operate ".

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