The first training ship of the Navy ROK, Hansando


▲ Hansan-do

[굿뉴스365] The first Korean navy training ship, "Hansan Do," will be held at Hyundai Heavy Industries' Ulsan shipyard on the afternoon of the 16th. This is the first time that National Bystander National Assembly President An Byeong-baek , is the head of the ceremony,

Hansan is the first ship built for education and training in ROK naval history, the shipbuilding contract was signed with Hyundai Heavy Industries in 2013, and construction began.

Hansan is a total length of 142 meters, 4,500 tons, the top speed is 24kts. You can sail more than 7,000 miles at a cruising speed of 18kts.

Hansan Island Ham is dedicated to the training of coastal cadets, cruise drills and repair training courses, as well as three classrooms, including a large classroom with a capacity of 200 people and more than 400 residential spaces. Respectively

Currently, Japan, China and Russia have dedicated training and our Navy can use the pitfalls to serve its purposes.

Hansan has also installed 76mm / 40mm weapons and large missile defense systems to carry out the basic battlefield mission during the crisis, and it is also possible to perform various tasks in support of subsidies, such as compulsory support and transfer of personnel in the event of maritime accident

In particular, it has the largest medical practice and deathbed of the domestic warship, and it is possible to carry out the restructuring and responsible role for the initial treatment and evacuation of mass casualties occurring at sea.

It is a trap that functions as a "maritime emergency room" in charge of first aid treatment, accepting an inmate at sea or in a book area, has its own service, manpower, helicopter deck, To a hospital ashore.

The service area of ​​Hansan Do port has three operating rooms, including a large operating room for intensive treatment, an examination room and a room for the sick. The total area of ​​the mandatory area is 1.8 times the size of Dokdo, Korea's largest warship.

The Navy decided that Hansan Island was located in Samdo-gun, Seongdo-gun, during the war of Imjin, and that was the background of the Battle of Hansando.

Hansando is the capital of Hansan-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, and was the site where the first Samdo-sukun-gun was established. The Hansan-do Maritime Battle, one of the four largest naval battles in the world and the Japanese invasion of the Imjin War, took place near the island and Hansando's naval battle led to the capture of the South Sea. Yi Sun-sin, Chungmoo- became the commander of Samdo-suguk-gun, Hansan-do, and cultivated the naval force of Chosun for about 4 years and maintained the South Sea peninsula.

The launching ceremony is held in the order of report on the progress of shipbuilding, declaration of the declaration, assignment of merit, commemoration and decimal number.

The report on the shipbuilding process will be made by the head of the Ministry of Defense's Business Administration, the statement will be made by Mr. Shim Sung-seop, the Navy's chief of staff, Mr. Han Young-seok, the Hyundai Heavy Industries and the president of the National Assembly.

According to the customs of the Navy, Jinsu is Mrs. Shim Hye-jung, wife of Ahn Kyung-baek, who is making breaks of champagne for the safe march of the island of Hansan.

"Admiral Yi Sun-shin settled on Hansan Island became the cradle of the Chosun naval force which led to the victory of the Imjin invasion in 1936." Hansan-do, who has the launching ceremony today, "We will protect our national interests and serve as a vanguard."

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