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The & # 39; MB son-in-law & # 39; complains about warrants

Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office Building. Hankook Ilbo photo

The prosecution claimed the arrest warrant after capturing the administrative misconduct of Hankook Tire's representative, Cho Hyun-beom, 47, the son-in-law of former President Lee Myung-bak.

On May 19, the Seoul Central Prosecutor's Tax Crime Investigation Division (Director Kim Jong-oh) filed a warrant for Cho to be arrested for fraud, embezzlement and violation of the law to conceal crimes. One prosecutor said: "We found a new prosecution while investigating the IRS prosecution." Cho is accused of receiving money from a business related company.

Previously, the IRS conducted a Hankook Tire tax investigation last July and sued the prosecution in January this year for investigating allegations of gross cell death.

Cho, the second son of Cho Yang-rae, chairman of Hankook Tire (Choseok-rae Hyosung's younger brother), married his third daughter.

By Jung Jae-ho, reporter

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