"Take off your underwear in front of a high school and let eat …" Incheon high school student last 78 minutes


Incheon junior high student assault case. [뉴스1]

Incheon junior high student assault case. [뉴스1]

One (14), who had fallen from the apartment roof after being assaulted by high school students, was found to have been subjected to a severe act that could not last 78 minutes before his death.

According to the March 14 ruling, three high school students, including B (14), dragged A to the park, playing in a computer room in Incheon on November 13 last year. They mocked me, saying, "Give me a cigarette or I'll finish."

It was the reason that group A dragged the park to say that it was similar to the gossip on the face of the father of the father B. A, who did not want to hit, delivered an electronic cigarette of 140 thousand dollars. But the threat of friends is not over. Group B and so on took Group A to another nearby park. Two high school students also joined.

They wrapped around A, so that they could not escape, dropped their legs and began to hit their bodies, such as breasts, faces and belly. The high school students who attended the event said, "Stop it," and they said, "Because we're dry, we will not be guilty, even if we take the police later."

The so-called & # 39; game of hunting & # 39; was also performed after the animal was released and then pursued. Group B told Group A: "I'll give you five seconds and I'll die if I get caught." One group ran away, but the next afternoon, he was fooled by his friends' lies, saying, "I'm going to return the electronic cigarette."

Group B and another girl, C (16), whom I knew, joined at that hour. As soon as he entered the group on roof B, he threatened to group A, saying: "Only thirty years are right. Group B kicked the Group A calf firmly, kicked the boat and hit the fist several times.

He threatened to kneel down, kick his thigh, drag him to the railing of the roof and drop it. A little later, when the roof door sounded, Group A shouted, "Please, help me." But there was no one on the roof, and A was attacked more severely because he shouted.

Group B, etc., took all the trousers and underwear of Group A in front of C, was ashamed, kicked three cigarettes in the mouth and kicked the side with the feet. He unbuckled his belt, hit his head in the throat, and spat chewing gum and saliva in his mouth.

"If you report to the police, they will kill you," said A, who was threatened. "I would rather die if I were right." A, who felt extremely frightened, was stunned for a while, but was caught by C Yang again.

There was no door on the roof outside where group A was assaulted. To go toward the entrance door, there was a passage of about 5 meters that had to fold in the middle of the body. It was impossible to escape from the roof. One group was hanging on the railing of the apartment's roof while the robbery stopped for a while, but fell into the bed below the 15th floor with both hands closed.

So for the last 78 minutes of his life on the roof, A was subjected to all sorts of harsh acts and felt ashamed. His face was swollen with aggression and blood flowing from his nose and lips.

The 15 justices of the Incheon District Court (the presiding judge of the presidential committee) condemned four men, including B and C, who were charged with being sentenced to death in Shanghai on the 14th, seven years in prison and one year in prison. six months in prison. .

"The victim judged that the victim was hanging outside the apartment to avoid the aggression of the defendants, then jumped over the air conditioner under the air conditioner and tried to escape, but then lost his head, fell and died."

"There is a considerable causal relationship between the offense of the defendants and the death of the victim," the defendants said. "We were also able to predict that the victim would die and die."

"The defendants, who are not yet sufficiently educated to defend the defendants who are still boys, are also responsible for the tragedy," he said. "The accused can also be seen as victims in other words," he said.

Kim Ji-hye, reporter [email protected]


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