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Son Heung-min, Sunjeolgol faded… Tottenham wins 2-7 losses at Bayern Munich

Son Heung Min scored his first goal against UCL 1 and 3 this season.
Tottenham scored four goals for Nabri and just two draws in the lower Cho group stage

Son Heung Min's Goal Ceremony

Son Heung Min's Goal Ceremony[PA/AP=연합뉴스]

Sohn Heung-min (27, Tottenham) proved for the first time in the 2019-2020 UEFA Champions League, but lost the team's defeat.

He scored his first 12-minute goal in the 2019-2020 UEFA Champions League Group B home game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on day 2.

This is Son Heung-Min's first goal for the UEFA Champions League this season. He made a late first leg substitution against Olympiacos (Greece) on the 19th, but failed to increase his point of attack.

Throughout the season, he scored the third goal after a goal scoring against England's fifth round in the Crystal Palace Premier League.

In particular, Son Heungmin has never scored a goal against Bayern Munich, Germany's strongest club since his professional debut, including playing at the Bundesliga, Hamburg and Leverkusen.

Including this goal, Son Heung-Min scored 119 goals. Cha Beom-geun, a former Korean national coach, has more goals scored in Europe (121).

Son Heung-Min goes into defense

Son Heung-Min goes into defense[AP=연합뉴스]

Tohn's score was also 2-7 on the group goal, and he won two of the group stages (1 draw and 1 loss), falling to the bottom of Group B (1 win point).

Munich retained the lead (6 points) with two straight wins, and Trvena Zvezda (Serbia), who beat Olympiacos (Greece) 3-1, climbed to second place (3 points). Olympiacos are third with Tottenham 1 points.

On the day of the underwater game, Son Heung-min's fingers, arranged by Harry Kane and the initial pitcher, were hot from the start.

At 6 minutes, Tangi Ndombele kicked the ball with his left foot but was blocked by goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

At 10 minutes, Ndombele's pass came from the left side of the goal area, and this time he fired with his right foot, but Neuer struck it.

Son Heung-min's first goal

Son Heung-min's first goal[AFP=연합뉴스]

But son Heung-min was not hit three times.

12 minutes into the match Musa Sissoko sent a strong through ball, penetrating the right side of the area and finishing with his right foot.

But the joy lasted a while.

Tottenham allowed Josiah Kimihi a three-minute draw.

Kimi swung the net with a beautiful right-footed kick to the right side of the penalty kick.

Son Heung-min fought a right-footed shot from the left of the penalty area that hit the net in the 30th minute, but Tottenham was struck by a goal in the 45th minute.

Levandowski's shot

Levandowski's shot[AFP=연합뉴스]

In the fierce run of the second ball, Robert Lewandowski kicked the ball and kicked into the right corner of the net with a kick to the right, finishing the first half with Munich upset.

Munich continued the moment.

After 8 minutes, Sergi Nabri, who hit the left side, tried to stop Taser, but Sergi Orie couldn't stop.

Two minutes later, the Tottenham defender loses a pass and Nabri fires another goal, and the atmosphere drops sharply towards Munich.

Nabri Goal Ceremony

Nabri Goal Ceremony[AFP=연합뉴스]

Tottenham scored a Danny Rose penalty in the second half of the 14th minute, but Harry Kane couldn't keep up.

Son Heung-min went through the right and left sides until the end of the game but could not stop the team.

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