Solitude and weariness that came with spring! Is it Chungonjung? Is it my body's warning?


When spring arrives, the word "ChunGonGeo" appears easily. It is a type of physiological fatigue that appears when our body adapts to a new environment, not a medical illness. The cause is a temporary environmental mismatch. Typical symptoms include fatigue, lethargy, lethargy and impaired concentration. Severe headaches, lack of appetite and can lead to indigestion. Generally, juvenile onychomycosis is characterized by persistence within two weeks.

Kyung-jin Hwang, a professor at Kyunghee University, said: "Workers who do not see sunlight, people who do not exercise, overload and stress can feel chungongjung more easily." He usually complains of tiredness after lunch. "He said.

Chunonjung VS Body Warning

However, it is not desirable to unconditionally blame spring fatigue. Severe fatigue, severe fatigue, such as fatigue for more than two weeks or difficulty in daily life, should be suspected of several diseases, including sleep disorders.

About tiredness Professor Kim Sun-young of the Department of Family Medicine emphasized that "it is a necessary sign that is indispensable to our body." It is a recommendation that our body must cope with the new environment, and may be a sign to signal the onset of the disease.

Professor Kim said, "If there is no obvious cause, fatigue can be a considerable discomfort," he said. "It should be a correct diagnosis because it can be an early symptom of hepatitis, diabetes, pulmonary tuberculosis, anemia, thyroid disease and depression."

Spring herbal intake and regular exercise essential!

To avoid juvenile onychomycosis, remember two things. The first is the diet. In the spring, proteins, vitamins and minerals are needed more than the winter, so it is important to eat enough nutrients through fruits and vegetables. The first thing that comes to mind when you eat spring is frio cold. It has the highest content of protein, calcium, iron and vitamin A, so it is effective in preventing chonggan.

The second is regular exercise and sufficient sleep. Walking, cycling, skipping rope and aerobic exercises more than three times a week, you can revitalize your body. In addition, a minimum of 7 hours of sleep is recommended. Keep the room temperature at 25 degrees for a good night's sleep and avoid very soft beds.

Professor Lee Junhee of the Sasang Constitution emphasized that "proper exercise to assist in the smooth circulation of waste substances and fatigue and adequate sleep, massage and bathing are the best ways to overcome spring fatigue."

Especially, 30 minutes of stretching after lunch, light exercise and a nap for 10 to 20 minutes can be very helpful. Lee Jun-hee said: "It is a natural phenomenon that sleep is shed after eating lunch." It is possible to defeat Chun-gon-gyeong if you glimpse your eyes for a short period of time or exercise lightly. "

Posts Professor of Kyunghee University Hospital Hyeong Kyung Jin, Professor Kim Sun Young, Professor Lee Junhee

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