Sohn Heung-min plays the opening game of next season … Suspension suspended by three games


Sohn Heung-min, I can not open next season ... Suspension suspended for three games

Sohn Heung-min of Tottenham will not be able to play in the first game of next season.

The Football Association of England announced on its website that it sentenced Sohn Heung-min, dismissed from Bournemouth on the 7th, for a suspension of three games.

Sohn Heung-min was sent off 43 minutes after appearing in the 37th match outside the Premiership against Bournemouth on 4 April.

Shon Heung Min hit a foul on the Bournemouth field, reached for the ball.

Bournemouth's Hépernes Lerma came close behind and put his foot on the ball Sohn tried to catch.

He suffered through Lerma's hard game during the first half, but he could not keep his cool and beat Lerma roughly.

The referee has sent a red card to Son Heung Min.

It was his first relegation of the Premier League and his second professional demotion.

The Football Association defined Sohn's behavior as "violent behavior" and gave him a three-game suspension penalty.

Soon-hee will not be able to reach the final game of Everton on the 12th and the second season of the Premier League's first game next season.

Sohn Heung-min, I can not open next season ... Suspension suspended for three games

"I think Tottenham is overly disciplined against Son Heung-min," the Daily Mail said, "We are considering a protest against the English Football Federation to reduce its disciplinary punishment."

Sohn Heung leads the second leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final against Ajax in the UEFA Champions League on 9 September.

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