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<img src = "" style = "width: 643px;" Kim Jong-tae, former head of the Free Korean Party, <한겨레>And that his daughter's preference for adoption is unfounded. Kim Kyung-ho, senior reporter [email protected] "alt =" Kim Sung-tae, the former leader of the Free Korean Party, <한겨레>And that his daughter's preference for adoption is unfounded. Kim Kyung-ho senior reporter [email protected] "/>

Kim Sung-tae, a former leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Korea, insists there is no reason to suspect his daughter's preference for employment was reported to the National Assembly on December 20 last year. Kim Kyung-ho senior reporter [email protected]

The prosecutor, who is investigating Katy's (KT) allegation most likely for his daughter, Kim Seong-tae, demanded an arrest warrant for the chairman of Katy's domestic client division at the time of Seo Yoo-yeon, who was identified as the person who delivered his daughter's resume.
Seoul, South Korea (AP) – The South Korean prosecutor's office said on Monday it had ordered an arrest warrant for its commercial operations.
According to KT officials, Seo handed over his resume to Kim Seong-tae's daughter. At the time Kim Dae-won's daughter was recruited as a hired employee, Katy's sports officials said, "I did not have a recruitment plan and I ordered the president to give me his resume." On March 14, the company's former chief, Kim Jae-seok, 63, was arrested. Kim was tasked to serve as a talent management officer, who oversees Katie's personal affairs, and went through the open recruitment process in the second half of 2012 and passed her daughter. A new union official Katie said, "The curriculum handbook is important." The president, who oversees the administration of the National Assembly, should investigate whether he received the letter directly from Kim or a third person. "
Earlier in December of last year's report, Kim Dae-won's daughter was hired as a consultant at the Katie Management Support Office in April 2011 and received favorable treatment in the process of moving status to full-time employment the following year . Since then, accusations by Katie New and other unions have followed suit, and the prosecution has launched an investigation.
Prison warrants will be held at 10:30 am in the southern part of Seoul.
Reporter Yoo Jin [email protected]


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