Sharing & # 39; Ahn So-hee & # 39; And walking on the beach? All castings for NO Busan "


[스포츠서울 윤소윤 인턴기자]& # 39; Take care of the refrigerator & # 39; An Soehy bragged about friendship with the cast of the movie & # 39; Busan.

In the entertainment program Take Care of the Fridge & # 39; of JTBC, broadcast on Day 1, actors Ahn So-hee and Lee Sook appeared and launched the refrigerator.

As he continued to speak, MC Sung-ju asked Ahn So-hee, "Did you share and walk the beach all night?" Ahn So-hee laughed and said, "It's good to be among the actors in the movie" Busan. " All the cast members walked together. "

Lee Gyeong-gi, who starred together, showed a sad appearance and said, "Gag rope is better than Lee Kyung-bae." "I want to walk the Han River," said Lee Kyung, a talker.

Ahn Sohee's refrigerator was released. "I have been living alone for five years," he said, "I cook when friends or family come in. I will eat without leaving everyone."

On the other hand, "Please take care of the refrigerator" is broadcast every Monday at 11:00 p.m.

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