Seongwon won "Please apply for rice seedlings next year"


National seed brand. Seed source provided

[세종=이데일리 김형욱 기자] The National Institute of Agriculture, Forestry, and Livestock Food and Nutrition announced on May 19 that it will receive seed application of rice next spring at the agricultural technology center of the county and the center of the country between December 26 and 21.

23 varieties of rice varieties to be supplied this year are 21,810 tonnes (t). There are 9 varieties of 9 varieties including 22 varieties including 19 varieties such as Chungcheong, Odae and Samgwang. Ration rice is supplied with 50 tonnes of a Youngwoo type.

You can also consult the leaflet provided by the Agricultural Technology Center when selecting varieties. It is basically disinfected seed, but is also provided as a smile when applied to organic or organic farming.

Application seed can be received from the local agricultural cooperative near the applicant's residence from January 10 to March 31 of next year.

By region, Jeonnam will supply 4200t, Chungnam 4050t, Jeonbuk 3600t, Gyeongbuk 3300t, Gyeonggi 2600t, Gyeongnam 2200t, Chungbuk 1050t and Gangwon 810t, respectively.

A seed company official said, "This year, rice cultivation of early production of rice seeds, frequent rainfall, high temperature and high humidity caused some sisters in the climate," he said, "as the supply can not meet the demand, the farmers themselves, Please prepare for the absence. "


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