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Seo Yuri ♥ Choi Byung-gil PD, marriage resolution in a month → No statement of marriage … "Notification of marriage only"


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Seo Yuri ♥ Choi Byung-gil PD, resolution of the marriage in one month → No declaration of marriage ...

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[SBS 연예뉴스 | 강경윤 기자] Seungyu and broadcaster Seo Yuri will join the PD drama and jazz singer Choi Byung-gil (name of the activity: Ashburn) as a couple in August.

"I took the date on August 14," said Seo-yuri, who announced his marriage at MBC Everlon, which was broadcast on November 11. "I decided to make a NO wedding, I'm just going to report the wedding."

The reason we declare no marriage is that it is not easy, in fact, but we have educated our parents long ago, because the day is the groom's primary birthday. "I laughed.

The two men decided to marry one month after the first meeting.

Seo Yi-ryu said, "The groom has been meeting me for a long time in many places, and I met him at the first meeting, and I cried while he talked about my difficult part, and the preliminary groom comforted me that he acted so strongly and acted like this . "He said.

Choi Byung-gil PD, who captivated the hearts of Seo-yuri, directed the drama "East of Eddin", "When a man loves" and & # 39; Angry Mam & # 39; Choi PD, who left MBC in February last year, is also active as a singer, releasing a jazz album. It is 8 years older than the west.

Choi PD appeared in the video recording studio of the video star the day and said: "There are many things to learn from Seo – yuri, always giving me enthusiasm.

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