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Entry 2018.11.18 17:10

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won a victory over KEPCO.

In the second round of the Dodram V-League men's team in the 2018 ~ 2019 season, Samsung Fire and Marine had a 3-2 set-up (25-16, 22-25, 25-22, 24-26, 15-13 ). With the victory of the day, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has suffered a series of three consecutive victories. Thais scored 46 points against the attack rate of 70 percent. KEPCO, who failed to win again, fell in the swamp of 10 consecutive wins.

It was a game that Samsung Fire should win in the first place. KEPCO did not win even after the opening ceremony. Samsung F & M managed to win a lie in a rival match with Hyundai Capital last year. It was a victory that could bring back the atmosphere that was not good at first. "It was a game that could help me find confidence," said Shin Jin-sik, a Samsung Fire technician. The piece the new director emphasized was "fun as a team". Shin said: "It should be fun and good as a cogwheel.

Even if only one set, the Samsung F & M seemed to win the battle. The Samsung Fire led the attack with Tais' attack. 21-12, leading to early victory. But the air flow changed from 2 sets. He began to tremble on the wall of his opponent's defensive defense. He won three sets but could not avoid Seo's attack Jae-deok and Choi Hong-seok in the 4th set and lost 24-26 at the end of the duo. In the last five sets, the Samsung Fire fought against Seo Jae – deok 's attack, but reversed the attack with the attack of Thais and Choi. At 14-13, Thais ended the one-man lock and finished the long-running game. It was literally new.

The new coach we met after the game was not smiling. Shin said: "The players are upset by every set.I have to keep it until the end of the game, but I can not do it.I played hard." It was Taise who was consoled. He scored 46 points on the day. I did not train properly because of an ankle injury, but I showed incredible concentration. At the same time, Tys was a chore for Samsung Fire & Marine. Thais' attack share was 52%. Park Cheol-woo Song Hee-chae could not stop attacking with Thais. "I do not think it's going to be that loud," Tys said. "It's hard to play Thase," said Tos.

Once in the game, the Samsung Fire took a step forward in the lead with three straight wins. However, the challenges that need to be addressed for higher motives also seem clear.

On the same day, Hungkuk Life excluded KGC Ginseng Corp with a set score of 3 to 0. Hungkuk Life scored 5 wins and 3 losses (15 points), raising the rankings to two places. Suwon = Park Chan-jun, reporter [email protected]

◇ 2018 ~ 2019 season Dorram V whole league (18)

▶ male

Samsung Fire (6 wins, 4 losses) 3-2 KEPCO (10 losses)

▶ Women

Hungkuk Life (5 wins and 3 losses) 3-0 KGC Ginseng Corporation (4 wins and 4 losses)

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