Sales volume of apartments in Seoul, inflation point? … The fall in the value of the dollar decelerated by 4 weeks


Gimcheon, Gyeonggi, Yongsan In April, turnover surpassed March
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Sales volume of apartments in Seoul, inflation point? ... The fall in the value of the dollar decelerated by 4 weeks

[아시아경제 임철영 기자] Could the apartment market in Seoul have reached the bottom? The volume of apartment sales, which had fallen sharply until February, recovered in March and exceeded that of 1300, which is 70% higher than in March. Price of Seoul apartment also fell last month.

According to the Seoul real estate information plaza on the 20th, 1,323 cases of real Seoul apartment transactions (report day) were counted until the 19th. It is 74% compared to 1787 in March. The number of actual transactions in the Seoul apartment came in 1574 in February, but the number of transactions rose to 1787 in March from a record low on a monthly basis. The decline in turnover declined somewhat.

As of April, the volume of discriminatory transactions surpassed or exceeded the level of the previous month. Collared trading volume began to exceed the number of actual transactions in March (52 cases) in March, with 53 cases, and the volume of transactions in the commercial district was 37 cases, three cases compared with last month and 37 cases in Yongsan-gu. Yangcheon-gu recorded 82 cases, the same level as last month. Gwanak-gu and Seodaemun-gu also approached the monthly volume of transactions in March.

Gangnam-gu, Seocho-gu and Songpa-gu led the negotiations with 56, 35 and 84 deals, respectively. The number of transactions in Gangnam-gu increased slightly to 73 in March, from 70 in February. The number of actual transactions in Seocho-gu was 47 in February and 44 in March and 35 in April. The number of real transactions of Songpa-gu, which has a large number of new cities, reached 77 in February, 95 in March and 84 in April. Songpa-gu exceeded the February level.

Apartment prices in Seoul also fell for the fourth consecutive week as business volume tumbled a bit. According to the Korea Appraisers, mirror apartment prices fell 0.06% from the previous week in the third week of April (from day 15). The decline continues for 23 consecutive weeks, but the decline is the result of four consecutive weeks of deceleration.

The drop in apartment prices in the Southeast is also 0.08%, down from 0.10% in the previous week. This is the impact of rising prices on reconstruction projects such as the Apgujung-dong Hyundai as well as the Daechi-dong Eunma Apartments. Prices for apartments in Yeongdeungpo and Mapo-gu, including Dobong-gu, have been converted into private apartments.

Analysts say it's hard to expect a change in trends. The South Korean rating agency also slowed the recent 4-week apartment sale price in Seoul but was diagnosed as the result of the sudden depletion of some areas and the sale of the property.

There is a change in turnover and price trends, but it is premature to assume that it is in the background. Jang Jae-hyun, head of Real Today, said: "We expect the downward stabilization to be maintained early in the spring trading season." As long as the regulation of loans and the tax burden continue, turnover will remain small, "he said.

Lim Kyung-young, reporter [email protected]


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