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SK Lee Kyung-yeop, the director, is preparing the retirement gift of Lee Seung-yeop in the literary magazine of Samsung Securities on January 1. 2017.09.01. Sports Seoul

[스포츠서울 이웅희기자] It's the final camp now. SK Yong Kyung-yeop and KT Lee Kang-chul, the new coach, go to the team's finishing line as soon as the ceremony is over. The new series of leaders who have completed the Korea Series (KS) is going to Japan. Lotte's new manager, Yang Sang-moon, and new manager, NC Dong-wook, are looking ahead at younger prospects in the field of arrival and planning next year's season.

SK officially announced the appointment of a new coach after the KS championship. Yomiuri will go to Kagoshima on the 16th after the opening ceremony with director Trailer Hillman on the 15th. SK has finished camps in Kagoshima since the 28th. It will continue until the 30th, and the director will choose the young prospect immediately after 15 days. Bae Yeong-sup, who is wearing SK's uniform after being released from Samsung, is also training in Kagoshima, so it's also one of the challenges for the director to understand his condition and condition. Kang Ji-gwang, who was transferred from Nexen to a pitcher in the batting season, has been sweating in Kagoshima.

[포토]    Coach Lee Kang-chul, last season in Doosan ...
Doosan Bears coach Lee Kang-chul oversees training before the first game of the Korean 2018 KBO post-season season at Jamsil Stadium on April 4. 2014.11.04. Jamsil | Reporter Kim Do-hoon [email protected]

Lee Kang-chul will open Suwon on January 18 and move to Miyazaki, Japan, where he will watch the finish line. KS is the head coach of Doosan, who has been busy playing the season. He is in charge of the team until the second round of the game but since he is taking the first step towards KT, he should start a new team. Still, the top players in Group 1 meet with the opposing team, so they will concentrate on finding potential players in the finishing field.

Yoon and the coach are joining the finals field later due to the post-season schedule, while Yang and Lee have been breathing with the players since the start of the camp. Yang, who came from LG's general manager and returned to Lotte's headquarters, is also focusing on checking the skills and conditions of the players off the main line at the finish line in Okinawa, Japan. He also emphasizes that there is no free tour , inducing competition among young athletes who recently had a chance in the first group. This is the stage where the new sketch is being watched by the new players in the finishing field that is digging at Masan Stadium.

After the end of the camp, the athletes perform individual training as of December, period of inactivity. After that, I'm going to spring camp for next season from next February. The coach makes a list of spring camps for the players who will be using for the season. New faces, in addition to the main battalion, are often seen on the field of arrival. That is why the new battalions that are preparing for the next year put weight in the field of arrival.
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