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[RE:TV]Shin Seo-yuki 6 & # 39; trick tricks of racing, the trick of Eun Ji-won … Song Min Ho

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Song Shin-ho did not pass the trick of Eun Ji-won.

On the night of the broadcast of TVN & # 39; Shin Sukyounggi 6 & # 39; on the night of the 18th, Shin Sukyuki 6.5 & # 39; was held in Seoul with a trilogy racing game.

That day, a sensible trilogy run was held in Seoul. Lee Soo-keun and Kang Ho-dong teamed up for the destination.

Song Min Ho, who was the team of Lee Soo-Keun, had to receive the intervention of Eun Ji-won from the beginning of the game.

Eun Ji-won called Song Min-ho to stop him from meeting Lee Soo-geun. Then Eun Ji-won was waiting for me to take him home.

Song Min-ho, who was dubious in Eun Ji-won's act, asked where his house was.

In response to Song Min-ho's question, Eun Ji-won was embarrassed for a moment, but was surrounded by words and escaped the crisis.

Eun Ji-won continued to call Song Min-ho until he met Soo-geun and got involved in obstacles.

Song Min-ho, who met Lee Soo-geun, told Eun Ji-won: "Sookeun entered the house away from his brother."

Eun Ji-won, who arrived in the first race, lamented by Song Min Ho, who had not arrived.

After Song Minhho arrived at his destination, Eun Ji-won was surprised that Song Minho was not deceived.

Song Minhho showed a spirited appearance in the confrontation with Eun Ji Won.

On the other hand, Shin Sukuyuki 5 & # 39; is a subtitle titled "Together with (ears) god", and is performed in the background of Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. It is broadcast every Sunday at 10:40 p.m.

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