President of SK Corporation Tae Won Choi visited the VRDS construction site in Ulsan


Investment in environmentally friendly fuel oil production facilities as part of social value management

Positive and positive expectations for job creation and regional economic revitalization

"Highest value for security for member safety and happiness"

SK Group chairman Chey Tae-won (right) visits the VRDS website, a growth site through the creation of proposed social value as a new growth strategy, encouraging members and calling for safe construction.
SK Group chairman Chey Tae Won (right first) visited the newly established VRDS construction site at SK Energy Ulsan CLX to encourage members and request the construction of security.

[지앤이타임즈] SK Chairman Choi Tae-won encouraged company employees to emphasize creating social value and healthy and safe happiness by seeking a construction site for the newly established low sulfur fuel oil production facility by SK Energy, in line with the strengthening of the sulfur standards of the International Maritime Organization.

Since November 2017, SK Energy has been investing more than 1 trillion KRW in large-scale capital investments and is now building a VRDS (Vacuum Residue Desulfurization) facility, an organic fuel oil production facility, on about 25,400 hectares on SK Energy's Ulsan CLX. .

The new SK Energy VRDS site has an average of 60% of the airborne work rate, which has already been reduced in two months since the workforce of about 2,000 employees was deployed daily by 38 partner companies.

This is a large-scale construction project where 765,000 people will be invested by April 2020, when construction is complete.

SK Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with VLSI City at the end of March to create jobs in the VRDS region and is making efforts to contribute to the development of local communities in Ulsan by establishing the VRDS.

In addition, SK Energy's efforts to create social value create positive effects on job creation and regional economic revitalization, and it is hoped that this will become a virtuous cycle.

Meanwhile, SK Corporation Chairman SK Tae-Won visited SK Energy's Ulsan CLX VRDS website to encourage its members and convene the construction of security.

President Choi said, "Successful completion is important, but the priority is to create a safe and healthy place of happiness for all members involved in the construction of the factory, including members of the partner company." He said.

Meanwhile, as part of its ecologically sound social value management, SK Energy has been working proactively to respond to regulations that require the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to significantly increase the standard fuel oil content of ships from 3.5% to 0.5% VRDS made a new investment.

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