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President Moon, "Gunsan Jobs, Electric Car World Age" / YTN

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[앵커]The sixth regional win-win employment agreement, signed by the government, was signed in Gunsan.

President Moon Jae-in emphasized that Gunsan will remain a mecca for electric cars through a work management agreement.

I'm Kim Do-won.

[기자]President Moon Jae-in has entered into a military-industrial employment contract with investment companies in the electric vehicle sector, local unions and Gunsan City.

Gunsan type work is a project in which electric car consortium companies, small and medium-sized investment firms, invest more than 400 billion won in 2022 in the Gunsan Saemangeum Industrial Complex to create 1,900 jobs.

Moon was concerned about the closure of GM's Gunsan factory in Korea and said the electric vehicle production line will return.

[문재인 / 대통령 : 지역의 신산업 육성 의지, 노사민정의 대타협, 그리고 정부의 지원이 더해져 군산은 전기차 메카로 우뚝 서게 될 것입니다.]

Mr. Moon encouraged Gunsan to become a protagonist of the world age of electric vehicles, having a very good environment for electric vehicle production through autonomous driving test centers and training of electric vehicle specialists.

The proportion of full-time employees is high, horizontal cooperative relationships between subcontractors and subcontractors, cooperative bargaining in the standard wage area and measures to minimize the wage gap between workplaces have been increased, suggesting that the level of employment gains. -gain is the highest.

The Gunsan-si branch of the Democratic Union participated in the deal from the outset, and Moon thanked the two regional unions for their mutual prosperity.

[문재인 / 대통령 : 상생형 일자리로 지역의 미래는 더 밝아지고, 우리는 ‘함께’, ‘더 크게’ 성장할 것입니다. 정부는 지역과 함께, 국민과 함께 상생형 일자리를 응원합니다.]

Local win-win jobs, which started in Gwangju in January, have now increased to six.

The Blue House hopes that the proliferation of win-win jobs will be the opportunity to create new investments, create jobs in the 1940s, and create a social commitment.

This is YTN Kim Do-won.

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