President Kim Sang Kyun of the Korea Railroad Facilities Corporation received the Korean Service Grand Prix of 2018


– Recognized as a contribution to the restoration of domestic and international disasters and sharing with the disadvantaged of the railways –

Kim Sang-gyun, President of the Korea Railroad Corporation, won the Korea Service Award, the National Transportation and Transportation Commissioner Award and the beautiful Korean Printing Award at the Korea Service Awards Ceremony of 2018 on July 7[사진=철도공단 제공]

The Korea Railroad Authority (hereinafter referred to as "Korea Railroad Corporation") won the Grand Prix at the "2018 Korea Service Grand Prize" ceremony held on July 7.
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According to the Eighth Railway Corporation, Korea International Volunteers and Korea Volunteer Corps (UNFCCC) won the Grand Prize for Services in recognition of their contribution to share in the awards ceremony.

Since the inauguration of Kim Sang-kyun, the railway company has continued to carry out community-based sharing activities such as briquetting, kimono sharing and bazaar activities for the stability of the lives of the elderly and vulnerable living alone.

Especially in the case of the disaster, such as earthquake in countries receiving overseas business, the corporation visited the site directly by executives such as Kim Sang Kyun, the president,

In addition, KR has promoted the & # 39; Hope KR Project & # 39; for 100 underprivileged youth through the social contribution fund set up by the Korean government,

President Kim Sang Kyun said: "This award is a fruit of the sweat that corporate employees have shed to realize their social responsibilities." He said: "We will do our best to become a public institution that develops and coexists with the local community."


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