Pony & Vitamin D 1000, Healthy Food Shopping Consultation # 1


"Vitamin D 1000", a product launched by Pony, a brand specializing in functional health foods, is at the top of Naver's list of health food purchases. This product was ranked first in BEST100 Vitaminase from Naver Shopping for the first time in the month it was released and is being introduced through the TV Information Show Alfa King & # 39; of JTBC.

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is synthesized in the body through exposure to ultraviolet light. However, 90% of modern people who are involved in internal activities have symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Insufficient levels of vitamin D can lead to osteomalacia and osteoporosis, especially when vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women affects bone growth in the fetus . Therefore, in pregnant women, special care should be taken so that the vitamin D level does not fall.

Pomani & # 39; Vitamin D 1000 & # 39; is a vitamin supplement that helps deficient levels of vitamin D. Contains 1000UI of vitamin D3 extracted from naturally occurring dry yeast, showing rapid absorption and activation. In addition to vitamin D as its main ingredient, it contains 24 carefully selected organic additives, and can be safely used for pregnant and elderly women, excluding the use of harmful synthetic additives.

Vitamin D 1000 & # 39; is the first in Korea to be highly stable thanks to its water-coating technology. Dust is not generated by preventing tablet damage by advanced coating technology without the use of synthetic raw materials. In addition, as the surface is smooth, it is easy to ingest nutrients when the tree is ingested. In addition, PTP protects the tablets through their individual packaging, making it a favorite among consumers looking for a highly hygienic and portable vitamin D-recommended nutritional supplement.

An official of the Ponyu brand said: "Vitamin D 1000 product is amazing that takes top place in the Naver health food shopping query." In order to reciprocate the love of consumers, 1 + 1 audit event is being conducted through the official online shopping mall. I hope you get vitamins and nutritional supplements. "


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