Police in park, yoon-chun


Police investigating the drug use case of actor and singer Park Yoochun (Photo 33) have confirmed that they have a definitive clue to prove this.

According to investigating authorities on Dec. 17, the drug investigation team at Gyeonggi South Police Station, which is investigating Park's case, secured a CCTV video on the situation Park had bought drugs earlier this year.

In addition, police said Park has secured money to deposit money into an account purportedly used to purchase drugs through an ATM.

Police said the arrest of Robert Harley (61, South Korea), who was arrested before, is similar to receiving a drug in a transaction (non-face-to-face) after sending money,.

In particular, the timing of the CCTV shootings is investigating whether there is a correlation between Hana Han (31), granddaughter of the dairy founder Namyang, who said she had used drugs with Park earlier this year.
Park, who volunteered at the drug investigation office at the southern police station at 10 am on Thursday, denied all charges.

Park came to the police with a black suit, a white shirt and a note, and went into the investigation room after telling the reporter, "I'm going to do a good investigation."

Police conducted the investigation at 7 pm, but Park denied all charges related to him. Park asked for fatigue at 7:00 pm and police stopped investigating and returned Park to his house. Police said police had not shown the CCTV from the park to the police. Police said, "I'll call Park again in the near future."

Meanwhile, Park is suspected of intending to destroy the evidence after it was confirmed that he had been tested for drug reactions while scraping most of his body hair.

The day before, police arrested Park for his arrest for violating the Anti-Narcotics Control Act and confiscated his body, as well as Park's house. To get the hair needed for the drug reaction test.

In the lawsuit, Park confirmed that most of the hair was removed, and the police pulled the hair and some of the remaining leg hairs and asked the National Institute of Scientific Research to have a precise emotion.

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