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 "Multi-hit " Choo ... I feel the best in two straight games!
Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners played Choo Shin-soo right-back at the Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers in 2017 at Arlington Globe Life Park in Texas on Tuesday. 2017.08.03. Sports practiced Seoul

[스포츠서울 윤세호기자] Choo Shin-soo (37) of Texas continued to hit with a home run.

Choo was the first pitcher to hit the Pittsburgh home at Arlington GlobeLife Park on Saturday (April 2), in a home run four races, one hit and one run and two RBIs. Choo Shin-soo, who hit his fourth homer of the season, was 0.330 batting average. With a home run on the day, Choo hit a seven-game sequence from Oakland last month.

In the first round of the first match, Choo Shin-soo retreated to the center back against starting pitcher Jameson TAYON. However, he took his tours in the third shift. Choo, who stormed in the fifth inning, threw a cannon at Richards Rodriguez in the seventh. Choo, who had a full count with Rodriguez in the first round, made Rodriguez's quick ball to right to turn the right-hand fence. With his home run, Texas beat Pittsburgh by 5-6. But Texas did not earn any additional points. Choo was hit in the ninth inning, the last in the bat.

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Gang Jeong-ho was absent from the game. Kang Jung-ho had no chance to play for two games after starting the Los Angeles Dodgers on 29 last month. Pittsburgh beat Texas 7-5.

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