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Park Yoochun leg injury, Hwang, a tattoo, drug exposure, confession?

Park Ji-cheon confessed to taking another dose of methamphetamine on July 13 last year, and has been attracting attention because of photos of suspected Yoo-cheon Park legs.
Park Ji-cheon was quoted saying that he admitted most of the allegations about medicines and purchases. He said he thinks he should "apologize for acknowledging, acknowledging and apologizing."
While Park acknowledged the use of drugs, some netizens raised suspicions that Park had been using methamphetamine for several years.
It is because of the side effects of phytophthora that the wounds found on the fingers and legs of Park Yoo – chun a few years ago. Park Ji-cheon was described as a sore caused by shingles caused by stress.
Park Yoochun's medication increased six times. Police have confirmed that Park Yoo – cheon 's confession is true.
Previously, Park Yoo-cheon had been treated to remove the drug, but the leg hair was not removed.

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Park Yoochun insisted that he started meth with Hwang, Won-yoo. This is in contrast to Hwang who stated that Park Yoo-cheon recommended methamphetamine and used methamphetamine during sleep. Police will investigate the two people separately and hand them over to prosecutors this weekend.
Shortly after Park Juho and Hwang Hana became known in the world, Park Yoo-cheon had a forearm tattoo that resembled Hwang Hana's face.
I also painted Hwang Hana's initials and tattoo, which is the number of & # 39; 0922, which is supposed to be the wedding date.
Hwang Hana also carved the English calligraphy "Yucheo", which means Park Yoochun, in his right arm.
On the other hand, Park Juin's criminal poet's lawyer also touched his hand. Park Yoo-cheon, lawyer, lawyer Kwon Chang-bum said on July 30, "All work related to Park Yoochun will be closed from today (today)." Park Yoo-cheon admits all his actions and is being honestly investigated.

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