Park Ji-hoon made a slogan to save my heart


In 2017, Park Ji-hun, who played a major role as a member of Warner One, left the slogan "Saving in My Heart ~" and challenged him to be alone, releasing his first solo album.

Park Ji-hoon replied "I'm nervous and excited, but I feel a little more excited" about my impression of the first solo stage appearing in "The Midnight" which was aired on the 2nd. Park Ji-hoon who was on stage after yelling Fighting, showed more mature charm than before.

Park Ji-hoon, who anticipated the flow of solo activities with perfect stage capturing fans. But the story of Warner One members who have been together for a year and six months can not be missed. Asked what Warner meant, Park Ji-hoon said, "It's a memorable memory." "I do not think there will be such a glorious memory until I die."

As a special moment, the friendship of Warner One still remained. While busy with the agenda, some members reported a message of support to Park Ji Hoon, and some members sent a wreath on the day of the showcase.

Park Ji-hoon, an honest enthusiast about

On the other hand, Park Ji-hoon, a charismatic officer, a charismatic artist, still has enough storage space. Park Ji-hoon said he remembered especially the storage of actor Ma Dong Seok in the story of "Save me in my heart," which is a representative affection followed by many artists. Park Ji-hoon, who imitated him, said: "I was impressed by the coarse storage," and apologized to me, saying, "I made peace with you and your old people are having difficulties."

Park Ji-hoon is attracting attention as he will continue his great success as a "flower boy" he wants to save in my mind this year.

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