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Park Ji-cheon, the first investigation into the redemption, the wife of the supposed meth … Today (29) review[MK이슈]

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Singer and actor Park Yoo-cheon was arrested on a charge of using methamphetamine and received the first investigation. Despite having a positive reaction to methamphetamine in the Office of the National Prosecutor, he denied the allegations consistently.

The Yoo-cheon Park was investigated on May 28 by the Drug Investigation Division of the police department in the southern part of Gyeonggi province. It was the first investigation since he was arrested on charges of violating the law on drug management.

Park Yoo-cheon is suspected to buy 1.5 grams of methamphetamine and one of his former girlfriend Namyang, founder of the dairy industry Hwang Hana (31), and administer some of his five times between February and March.

Police investigated police during the day, pointing to evidence of positive methamphetamine and CCTV images detected in Park Yoo-cheon body hair, but Park Yoo-cheon consistently denied the allegations.

Park Yoo-cheon asked police to "take time to resolve the facts", and police returned Park Yu-cheon three hours after the investigation. Police are planning to call Park Yoochun again on the 29th.

Park Yoochun consistently denies the allegations, but it is known that Park Ji-cheon is at a disadvantage because of its clear and concrete statements. As the positions of both sides are severely confronted, we plan to conduct qualitative research, if necessary. Hwang is also in jail.

In addition, police are planning to expand the scope of investigations into drug traffickers based on Park Yoo-cheon's account information for drug purchases and a message from Park Ji-cheon, who was confiscating and scanning his cell phone.

Police will finalize the investigation of Park Yoochun next week and send it to the prosecutors.

On the other hand, Park Yoochun's drug charge was revealed by Hwang Hana in a police investigation, saying, "I have not taken the drug for 3 years, but from the end of last year until recently, Mr. A, an artist, Park Ji-cheon, who received the suspicion of "Hwan, artist A", volunteered for an emergency press conference earlier this month saying, "I have never used drugs," "I I've never used drugs before, It's not a problem, it's my life. "

After three investigations, police denied drug charges, but the National Institute of Scientific Research revealed that methamphetamine was detected in Park Yoochun's legs.

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