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Opal generation to exercise, improve efficiency as a health food

Recently, opal generation is emerging as a new consumer group. Refers to 5060 generations, OPAL (Active Living Seniors), who enjoy a leisurely life focused on the baby boomer born in 1958. Healthcare is the basic tenet of the aging opal generation while seeking a vital life without age. For those who are also eager to exercise for health and self-care, personalized functional health foods that can reduce the risk of winter injury and increase exercise efficiency are attracting attention.

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Protein is a nutrient that is the basis of physical activity, as well as building and maintaining muscle. In particular, if your muscle strength is weak and your immunity begins to decline, the 5060 should have sufficient exercise protein. If you're having trouble getting enough protein on a balanced diet like meat, eggs or tofu, try the protein powder. You can consume protein easily without worrying about excessive calories and sodium.

The & # 39; Formula 3 Personal Protein Powder & # 39; Herbalife is a powder-like product that can easily replenish proteins that are hard to consume enough for daily meals. You can consume 10g of protein once in your favorite drink or milk. . In particular, it is also good to relieve hunger after breakfast or exercise, which is difficult to eat properly. It can be purchased through the Herbalife Nutrition Independent Member and the Korea Herbalife official website.

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Doing casual exercise in the cold winter does not necessarily make your body healthy and you can easily hurt your muscles or joints if you do not warm up enough. If you have a bad joint, opal generation aims to stay constant and try to combine nutrition with the common joints.

The high life entrance & # 39; joint guard & # 39; It is a dietary supplement for joint and cartilage health. It contains 1000 mg of N-acetylglucosamine, which is the maximum daily intake that can contribute to joint and cartilage health, and contains vitamin D and selenium to protect cells from harmful oxygen. It is easy to manage joint health by taking it once a day.

Kwangdong Pharm joint pain control consists of a joint pouch from a liquid pouch and a joint pain control from a pill. Joint pain relief is made from turmeric extract, which is recognized as a functional ingredient that can help joint health. Joint pain relief is an essential ingredient in dietary sulfur (MSM), a component of collagen that makes up cartilage tissue and joint ligaments to help joint health.

Photo: Yakult Korea offered by CJ CheilJedang

If you feel tired while exercising, you can manage your fitness and immunity with healthy foods that can add vitality to your daily routine. Recently, a variety of functional health foods, broken down by age and gender, are released for older people to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Korea's V Food Gold Program, Yakult, is a one-day program for the health of the elderly. It contains 15 types of quinoa-derived vitamins and minerals to generate vital energy and contains omega-3, which can help improve blood triglycerides, and ginkgo biloba extract, which can help improve memory. Add it.

CJ CheilJedang is introducing "Return Fermentation Plus Vitamin 40" for ages around 40 and & # 39; Return Fermentation Plus Vitamin 65 & # 39; for ages around 65 years. & # 39; Return Fermentation Plus Vitamin 40 & # 39; It contains 10 types of vitamin minerals for basic nutritional balance, vitamin D for bone density maintenance and iron for vitality enhancement. Vitamin B12 for folate metabolism and manganese for metabolic enhancement are added to help nourish the elderly.

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The Spesh Functional Health Food brand also has a comprehensive line of vitamins for 5060 men and women. SPASH Poseidon for men and SPASH Demeter for women in the 1950s developed joint health MSM (dimethylsulfone), SPASH Zeus for men and SPASH Ivy for women. Red ginseng extract to boost immunity. .

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