Occult efficacy of peanut trunk, protection of the liver – Control of blood sugar


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The unexpected effectiveness of the abandoned peanut trunk was confirmed.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Lindsey, Greensboro, USA, found that the polyphenol component of the peanut snack was effective in controlling blood sugar and reducing oxidative stress.

HepG2 cells were first exposed to a 0-160 millimolar glucose solution for 24 hours. As a result, cell viability was significantly reduced at 160 mM and the level of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) was high. Increased ALT levels mean hepatic damage.

In cells exposed to the glucose solution, oxidation of oxidative proteins, lipid peroxidation, and carbonyl protein, caused by oxidation, increased about twice. Oxidative stress is the cause of increased reactive oxygen species, which may lead to increased inflammatory response and tissue damage. It is also touted as a cause of aging and degenerative diseases.

Based on the results, the 160 mM exposed HepG2 cells were divided into groups in which the truncated peanut solution was not sprayed, a group in which 2.5% of the solution was sprayed, and a group in which 10% of the solution was sprayed. HepG2 cells were seeded with tsukki peanut extract at the concentration of 4 units / liter. On the other hand, the ALT level of non-sprinkled HepG2 cells with truncated peanut extract was three times greater than 12 units per liter. Peanut scallop extract is effective in protecting the liver.

In addition, the researchers examined the effects of peanut intake on blood sugar levels in 15 adults (7 men, 8 women) aged 21-32 years. The researchers were asked to drink 50 milliliters of glucose solution and then divided into five groups: non-related group, peanut snack group and peanut bark group.

As a result, the lowest blood sugar level in the group was 28 milligrams per deciliter. The group that did not consume anything was 32 milligrams per deciliter and 35 milligrams per group that consumed whole peanuts. "Treating peanut fats and proteins with glucose solutions can result in a temporary increase in blood sugar," the researchers said.

"This study showed that the inner skin of peanuts can protect hepatocytes exposed to high levels of glucose," Dr. Grisman said. "In addition, the polyphenols in peanut snails play a role in reducing the oxidative stress caused by hyperglycemia, there is also a reducing effect," he explained.

The results were published in the international journal Plos One.

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