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Jinju public health center is forced to admit first trial hospital, the Ministry of Justice, Jinju City, psychiatric hospital
"Law of Protection of Information" … The hospital and the city were not responsible.

18th Funeral Center of Hanil Hospital in Jinju, Kyungnam. About 10 family members of the victims of the fire and murder that occurred in the apartment in the early hours of the day before met Chung Kyung-ryong, the police chief. An In-ear (42) living on the 4th floor of the apartment burned down his house, swept his neighbors and killed five people and wounded 15 others.

The bereaved family members told Min Chung, "Why did the police remain in that position?" The criminal reported abnormal behavior, such as threatening residents several times and informing him to the police station and the police box, and filed a complaint. The bereaved family said, "We've seen more than 10 times."

Kangmo's daughter (53), seriously injured, said: "My mother rushed to the administrative office and to the police box with rubber gloves to get rid of food junk." "When I went to the police station in Jinju and filled in the complaints, I said (Ahn) that the reason we lived upstairs was the noise of the floor."

On the 18th, Chung Kyung-ryong (right), a police chief, tilts his head to his family at the Joint Guidance Center at the funeral of Hanil Hospital in Jinju. At the funeral, five victims of a homicide in an apartment in Jinju the other day were consecrated.
On the 18th, Chung Kyung-ryong (right), a police chief, tilts his head to his family at the Joint Guidance Center at the funeral of Hanil Hospital in Jinju. At the funeral, five victims of a homicide in an apartment in Jinju the other day were consecrated. / News

The interior had disease. History of the disease was known by the Ministry of Justice, psychiatric hospital and Jinju city. However, no institution has been notified to municipal mental health promotion center (Jinju public health center) which can administer serious mental illness and can be hospitalized.

The psychiatric hospital where the hospital was hospitalized said: "I did not want to be notified." The mayor said: "We have no right to inform". Police said, "I could not conclude that there was a mental illness just by listening to the residents." Most patients with congenital heart disease receive adequate care and treatment and live a normal life. But the interior has not been treated for almost three years.

The principal powers for compulsory admission of mentally ill persons without the consent of the principal or guardian are the police and the municipal mental health promotion center. If a mentally ill person can cause harm to others, the police can request that the mental health institution "give me an emergency admission."

An innocent who committed the crime was violent several times. In 2010, I wielded a gun for the first time. From September 2018 to March 2019, police were spied on for six months after reports of an attack on the owner of the bar or the threat to the apartment residents. One of the two assaults threatened others with a hammer. There were many complaints about apartment dwellers who were "scared".

However, police have not asked the public health center or mental health institution for emergency hospitalization. An officer of the police and the jurisdiction of the apartment building said, "Based on the victim's residents, it is difficult to conclude that the person is a mentally ill person, and no employee ever spoke to him twice about the shift work." One police officer said: "It is difficult to judge whether the patient is eligible for emergency treatment in the absence of specialization." There is no direct threat, such as wielding a weapon at the time of dispatch, but she is forced to hospitalize and is processed upside down.

Fire prevention of pearl apartment, suspected murder A day-event index

An employee of the apartment management office said, "I have heard there are many complaints about An-chi, so I can not force the police to enter the hospital, but I have heard that it is difficult because of the condition of Lee Jae- Lee Jae – Myung's brother was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital, and there was a controversy over whether he was forced into hospital between his governor and his family.

The municipal mental health promotion center of Jinju City Health Center said: "It was the first time I heard Ahn's name." Not only was there no request for emergency admission, but it lacked the administration. Park Jeong-suk, head of the mental health management team at the Jinju Public Health Center, said: "There is no way to know if Ahn is a patient unless a psychiatric hospital, police or caregiver asks them to take care of the sick mental. "

Under current law, mental health institutions are required to inform the mental health promotion center or the public health center in charge of the mental patient if they are treated. However, the patient may deny himself. There are two mental hospitals that diagnose and treat patients. When the interior was arrested by the attack in 2010, the Gongju Therapy Clinic in Chungnam diagnosed the disease as Chonghyun's disease. "We did not consider whether we would inform the public health center about the condition of the patients because they were not treated for treatment," a Justice Ministry official said.

From January 2015 to July 2016, he received outpatient treatment at Jinju Mental Hospital. But the hospital did not tell the health center. A hospital official said, "I explained the procedure, and Ahn mentioned the law of protection of personal information and said:" Do not inform the public health center ". It is illegal to pass the facts of mental illness to others agencies without the consent of the patient, unless the current law has issued an unrecognized emergency patient or a search warrant for seizure.

Ahn also presented the diagnosis of the disease in Jinju several times. To qualify as a basic living recipient. An official from Jinju City said: "The certificate is for the purpose of qualifying examination, but is not authorized to inform other institutions."

"As the number of mental illnesses that grow alone grows like An-chan, the first person to discover abnormal behavior is not a guardian but a police officer," said Professor Baek Jong-woo, a professor of psychiatry at Kyunghee University. Education, and when it comes to reporting mental illness, we need to build a system that can receive rapid support from mental health professionals. "

The court arrested 18 people accused of murder, arson and attempted murder. Police said in a police investigation, "I was fired because I thought I was at a disadvantage with what was around me." However, police report that the prosecution plans to commit the crime by buying the gun used for the crime two or three months ago and buying gas at the gas station near the house three hours before the fire.


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