NH Nonghyup Life Insurance can be a gift for the family of the family


NH Nonghyup Life will sell personalized insurance for all family members in May of the Family Month.

According to the insurance industry on April 1, NH NACF Life Insurance began selling insurance for their family members, including dementia insurance, agricultural and forestry insurance and child insurance, through their own designers. Easy insanity insurance NHD is available for up to 75 years of age and is guaranteed for up to 100 years of mild dementia in the long term for severe dementia. When the diagnosis of severe dementia is confirmed, payment of premiums is waived, and care insurance is paid up to 120,000 won per month. For those who have family members, such as parents and agricultural and forestry workers, they are selling NH insurance, a farmer. This product is only available for Nonghyup Life Insurance as an insurance against aggravation of diseases caused by agricultural or forestry workers. Anyone between 15 and 87 years old can enter the farm. The annual contribution premium is 51,800 ~ 180,700 won, but the government subsidizes 50% of the premium, and prefectures and the farmers 'association also offer insurance premiums, so the farmers' burden is around 20%. In addition, as a child insurance, "My child is holding integrated NH child insurance" is being sold. Traffic accidents, general disasters, large cancer diagnosis costs, hospitalization costs and surgery costs. It can be enrolled from 0 to 20 years old and includes several special treatments such as life-friendly rituals that guarantee hospitalization costs for environmental diseases such as atopy, allergic rhinitis, acute bronchitis and pneumonia. For multi-ethnic and multicultural families, premiums receive discounts of up to 3%, including special insurance premiums. / Yoo Ju-hee reporter [email protected]


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