New version of the Sony 5 console with AMD Rijen Radeon quot


Details of the next-generation console console of Sony PlayStation 5 (tentative name) have been released.

Wired, an IT media company, released an exclusive interview with Mark Cerny, senior engineer engineer of the Sony console, on November 19.

According to Mark Sunny, the gaming console will be equipped with an AMD Rizen third-generation (8-core) processor. It also incorporates the AMD Radeon Nvidia GPU to support lightning tracing. Ray Tracing is a technology that enhances realism by expressing the reflection and refraction of light from a light source through glass or liquid, and this is the first time that a console gaming machine supports this technology. "Ray tracing shows the same light reflections as in the real world," said Mark Sunny. "Lightning can be very useful when you want to see if you hear a sound or if the enemy heard the user's footsteps."

The AMD chip also features an integrated custom unit for 3D audio that enhances the audio performance of next generation gaming consoles. "I'm sorry for the players that the audio changes on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 were not so good," he said. "On the next generation of consoles, I can show a significant difference with a lot of hardware power." If you have a TV speaker and a visual surround system, you can enjoy rich sound, front, rear and side without external hardware.

In addition to the CPU and GPU, the storage devices also change. According to Mark Sunny, the next-generation console is equipped with an SSD that significantly reduces the load time. Currently, PlayStation 4 supports the external SSD connection method. "In the meantime, we got too used to waiting for loading times when we started playing," he predicted. He added that adding an SSD to PlayStation 4 would accelerate the game by a third, but would be 19 times faster on the next-generation console.

Next-generation consoles are not only downloadable consoles and also support physical media such as DVDs. The Playstation 4 does not support backwards compatibility with PlayStation 3 games, but the next generation console is compatible with PlayStation 4 games.

Next-generation consoles also work with Sony's PSVR, the virtual reality device (VR). Asked if the next generation VR device (PSVR2) for the next generation console would be released separately, Mark Sunny said: "I can not tell you more about RV strategy today," but replied that ".

Meanwhile, Mark Sunny did not say when the next generation console would be released. They also talked about Sony's policy of responding to Google's cloud gaming platform, "Standa," and Microsoft's cloud platform.

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