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Netflix played the game in addition to movies and dramas


Entry 2019.05.18 11:06

Netflix, a movie / drama streaming platform, will take part in the world's biggest game show, E3 & # 39; Netflix will participate in the E3 game show via an official Twitter account on Tuesday (local time).

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The organizers of E3 have expressed their welcome position in the participation of Netflix through Twitter. Netflix is ​​interested in "interactive content" such as games. The company produced interactive content such as "Black Mirror," "Confronting Nature," and "Mein Craft Story Mode" and "Changhwa Shin Cats", where viewers make stories.

The content of Netflix games at E3 is based on the science fiction drama "Stranger Things".

Netflix's monopoly, "The Curious Story," is about the apparition of a missing girl from a mysterious girl in a small Indiana town in the 1980s, and the reality of government secret experiments.

Netflix is ​​launching the curious drama of the story until the current season 2, and will broadcast the third season from 4 July.

Curious story game video. Offer / Youtube

Stranger Things 3 The Game, created by Netflix, is a retro style of 16-bit action adventure. The content of the game will be provided through gaming machines such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and smartphones such as the iOS and Android operating system.

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