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Mr. Moon “Applauds Hyundai for… It will speed up deregulation”

[文대통령 경제행보 가속]Samsung visits Hyundai in five days

Moon shakes the vice president's hand President Moon Jae-in shakes hands with Senior Vice President Chung Eui-sun at the ceremony to announce the National Vision for the Automobile Industry, held at Hyundai Motors Namyang Institute in Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi-do. President Moon has pledged to support the future auto industry by saying, "We will realize the time of commercialization of the high-speed steering from 2030 to 2027." Hwaseong = Photo Journalist Cheong Wa Dae

"I applaud Hyundai."

President Moon Jae-in visited the Hyundai Motors Namyang Research Institute in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 15th. Five days ago, he visited Samsung Display and directly mentioned Samsung Vice President Lee Jae-yong, saying "Thank you". He said: "I applaud him. After the semiconductor system and bio-health, Moon visited Namyang's R&D Center at Hyundai Motor and concluded a visit to three major industries for innovative growth. In particular, the company plans to continue his economic alliance for now to return to public sentiment aggravated by the "state crisis" after visiting the company site the day after the resignation of the former justice minister.

○ Samsung and Hyundai seek & # 39; economic subsistence unit & # 39;

This afternoon, Hyundai Nexto's three hydrogen electric cars arrived at Namyang R&D Center. The Blue House added Nexto to its presidential vehicle in August to boost the hydrogen economy. President Moon met with Hyundai Senior Vice President Jung-sun Lee at the Ulsan Regional Economic Tour in January this year. Moon met Chung's vice president for the seventh time this year. Since opening, Moon has met Chung's vice president 11 times, including visiting Hyundai's Hysan factory.

In the & # 39; National Vision of the Future Statement & # 39; held here, President Moon said, "Hyundai has started researching and developing green cars since 1997 and has been able to produce hydrogen cars for the first time in the world." The work of the researchers is great. "
In his speech, President Moon expressed his willingness to support Hyundai and the future auto industries, using such phrases as “world's first”, “world number one” and “world leader”. "Our goal is to be the # 1 country for future competitiveness by 2030," he said. "We will lead the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution with future cars." "The autonomous services market is a gold market that will revitalize the economy and create new jobs," he said. "We will accelerate deregulation through the regulatory sandbox and the free regulatory zone." Chung said: "I am convinced that the future development strategy announced by the government will be a major force for companies in Moon's presence." "Hyundai Motor Group will do its best to lead the future era." Said. "We will transform Hyundai Motor Group into a service company that offers new experiences to our customers. We will invest 41 trillion won in future cars by 2025."

○ “Because it is produced in Busan”… PK calms the prayer

Following the vision statement, Moon examined the world's first hydrogen cleaner and truck that Hyundai plans to export to Switzerland, saying, "Don't supply in Korea."

After direct testing of Renault Samsung Motors' compact electric car tongs in the showroom, President Moon said, "I think I want to have everything (tweed)." This outburst. At the event, Cho, who is from Busan, said he was on his way to appease his "political hometown", Busan Minsim, with the president's support rate falling with the president in PK (Pusan ​​Gyeongnam).

President Moon visited a large company the day after his resignation to lure government reins into an economic war. Moon said at a meeting of key advisers following the resignation of Minister Cho. “We hope to bring the capacity and energy of their nationals to unity, livelihoods and economy. I will do my best for myself. The event would have been promoted since late last month, when the country was in full swing.

The Blue House, in particular, plans to speed up economic legislation, as the opposition minister's resignation required the government. A Blue House official said, "We will go to economic issues unconditionally for now," and it is time for the National Assembly to cooperate on public welfare and economic legislation as the government's normalization process moves to the National Assembly.

By Moon Byung-ki, weappon team

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