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MK News – Keyword "Health" this year

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This year, the growth rate of functional food sales for health is higher than that of Hanwoo, a representative set of year-end gifts. Red ginseng and health supplements are attracting popularity, since trends that emphasize health are added to the fine powder that does not depend on the season.

Hyundai department store announced on the 20th that sales of the snow gift set that continued from 4 to 17 last month increased 52.3% compared to the same period a year earlier. Food health (75.7%) was the most popular.

Sales of meat products (23.1%), fishery products (19.3%) and fruit and vegetables (18.6%) also increased, but sales of healthy food products increased. During this period, sales of red ginseng rose 91.8%, while domestic honey, ginseng and health supplements also sold 60% to 70% more than last year.
An employee of the Hyundai Department Store said, "As health problems such as dust and high-concentration flu have been highlighted, more customers are choosing healthier foods as gift sets with snow."

The Hyundai Department Store has sold more than 30% of its health-related products during the period of sales of gift sets this year. The main product is red ginseng seaweed (240g, 192,000 won), GNC Omega 3 fish oil (41,000 won) and native GMSF honey (120,000won), all concentrated in 6-year-old red ginseng concentrate.

In the Shinsegae department store, health-related appliances were ahead of Hanwoo in the growth rate of Christmas gifts after 2017. In Chuseok last year, sales of health products increased 35.8% (11.3%) and fruits and vegetables (1.2%).

The department store said, "Customer demand, which focused only on red ginseng and multi-vitamins, has been diversified into honey, ginseng and healthy drinks."

In fact, the share of sales of red ginseng, which accounted for more than half of all Shinsegae Department Store health products, fell from 57% in 2017 to 48% in Chuseok in 2018. On the other hand, honey ( 16.2%), healthy beverages (7.1%) and multi vitamins (16.2%) were sold evenly.

Shinsegae Department Store has added a variety of products this year, including “ Pendang Sanyangsang set (200,000 won), and “ Honey Seedle (250g, 60,000 won) `from Saudi Arabia.

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