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Missed a point for Taiwan pitcher, 17-month career

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Premier 12 Super Round 2nd Round
Taiwan's jang turned jug last year… 6 and two thirds iron wall without entrances
Kim Kwang-hyun, the Korean, is shaking hands. Three hits with eight hits and one four times
We can watch the Tokyo Olympics, depending on the outcome of the remaining Mexico-Japan war.

The line was lethargic and the hill trembled constantly. The result is the disgrace of the British defeat. At the end of the game, players with the Taegeuk mark on their chest shrugged.

Kim Kwang-hyun lowers his head after being replaced without finishing the fourth episode.
Once again … Kim's South Korean Ace & # 39; Nightmare & # 39; and baseball Kim Kwang-hyun wore a losing yoke with eight hits, three strikeouts and three races three-thirds in a 12-round Premier League game against Taiwan. Kim Kwang-hyun lowers his head after being replaced without finishing the fourth episode. South Korea lost 2-0 to 1-0 in Taiwan and was tied for second place with Japan, which was caught in the US that day. / Yonhap News

Cruiser Kim Kyung Moon was hit by an injustice in Taiwan. Next year, the Olympic Games were also held. The Korean baseball team lost 0-7 in the 12th round of the Taiwanese World Softball Federation (WBSC) Premier12 Super Round 2 (Chiba Jojo Marine Stadium, Japan) on the 12th. Kim Kyung-moon, which has continued since the Olympics of Beijing in 2008 (a gold medal in the ninth match) also finished in the 13th consecutive sequence.

Rep. Korea Won the first round with the United States in the preliminary round of Group C, winning the first round with the United States, winning 2-1. South Korea, which is tied for second place with Japan among the six super round teams, is considering the right of the Tokyo Olympics to participate in the match against Mexico on the 15th and Japan on the 16th. South Korea winning a direct ticket to Tokyo, it must have a higher score than its competitors in Asia and Oceania, Taiwan and Australia.

◇ I had a 17 month career pitcher

Taiwan pitcher
Taiwan pitcher

The Korean line did not put much effort into Taiwan's 25-year-old right-hander. Jang, a member of Orix Buffaloes, a professional Japanese baseball player, played as a batter and turned pitcher last June. He released his first official game this year. He has eight league games (27 and 1/3 times) this season, scoring 2-4 with an ERA of 5.93.

Jang, who was a normal pitcher, cooked a Korean line with fast balls and sharp forks approaching 150 kilometers per hour. South Korea had a chance to walk 1, 2 and 3 with one walk, internal hit and pitcher vote once, but failed to score and could not create a chance to do so. The market didn't attack much.

Jang threw 112 balls in six and two thirds of the innings and tied a Korean hit with four hits and four non-walking runs. Strikes caught four. Taiwan, who took the lead, attacked Young-Bong-Sung with successive pitchers, including southpaw Cheon Ki-Won and right-hand man Cheon Hong-Won.

On the other hand, Korean pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun (SK) gave up three races with eight hits and four times. He got six inning on the scoreboard in the last group stage of Canada's preliminary round and was in poor condition with the equipment shaking. In the seventh round, 0-3, South Korea's fourth pitcher Won Jong-hyun (NC) made three home runs for Chun Jun Xiu. The ninth time, he was hit by the timely blow of Lin Hong Yu.

Korea South Korea who sang in Taiwan

Premier 12 Super Round 2

There is a painful past when Korean baseball was caught in Taiwan at critical times. South Korea knelt in Taiwan after giving up 10 more races in the 2004 Athens Olympics and ended up not competing in the Olympics. The so-called Sapporo disaster. At the Doha Asian Games in 2006, a professional member of All-Star baseball, the team won two bronze medals in Taiwan. South Korea lost one against one to Taiwan, which was unemployed in the preliminary round of the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, which won a gold medal last year. It was Korea's only defeat at the time.

If Korea wins the remaining battles in Mexico and Japan, they will go to the final and win the Tokyo Olympics. But if you lose, you need to watch the other team perform. The US beat the home team in Japan 4-3 and lost 1-2. Mexico beat Australia 3-0, leading the game with 3 wins. Australia are in the background with three defeats.

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