May lending loans and other loans of 2.2 trillion ↑ … Domestic loans increased 5 trillion won


Last month, the credit crisis in the banking sector grew more than the month before due to the family month, but mortgage lending growth slowed.

"The balance of household loans at the end of May was 843.6 trillion won, an increase of 5 trillion won over the previous month," the Bank of Korea said on the 12th.

The increase was higher than in April (W4.5 trillion), but is lower than the previous year (increase of 5.4 trillion won) in May and the second year (6.3 trillion won).

The increase in mortgages (including mortgage loans) in May was about 2.8 trillion won, which is similar to last May (2.9 trillion won), a decrease of 900 billion over the month (3.7 trillion won).

Thus, the Bank of Korea explained that the increase was smaller than in the previous month due to the decrease in the volume of transactions of rent and the amount of movements of new apartments.

In May, apartment rents in Seoul fell slightly from 10,000 to 10,000 in April.

On the other hand, as the need to open a portfolio for the family month grew, other loan growths, including credit loans and negative bank loans, totaled 2.2 trillion won. It was slightly lower than last year (W2.4 trillion), but is higher than the previous month (W800 billion).

A bank official said: "In May, which is the family month, other domestic loans tend to grow, mainly due to increased household spending."

As of the end of May, the balance of corporate loans in the banking sector increased by KRW6 trillion per month to 849.8 trillion won. Large corporate loans increased by 600 billion won, and loans to SMEs increased by 5.4 trillion won.

Among lending to SMEs, personal lenders increased by 2 trillion won, slightly below March (2.3 trillion won) and April (2.4 trillion won).

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