Friday , October 22 2021

LNG shipbuilding industry regains first place in three months


[인더뉴스 박경보 기자] The Korean naval industry took over 60% of world shipbuilding orders in May. The shipbuilding industry, which was struggling due to demand shortages, is recovering with firm orders from LNG carriers and rising ship prices.

In May, Korean shipbuilders won 64,000 CGTs (16 ships), 60% of global shipbuilding orders of 106,000 CGTs (34 ships), according to Clarkson Research, an analyst with the British shipbuilding industry. In the same period, it ranked first in three months, beating China, which had gained 270,000 CGTs (8 units, 26%).

The Korean shipbuilding industry posted cumulative orders for the first two months of this year, two thirds of the same period last year (15.22 million CGT). Large LNG carriers, which are the main types of ships, remained at the same level as last year, but orders for oil tankers (VLCCs) and bulk carriers fell sharply.

In the period from January to May this year, China recorded 40.6 million CGT (166 units, 43%), 2.83 million CGTs (63 units and 30%), Italy: 1.11 million CGTs. (46 vessels, 9%). Only last month, May registered a fall of 26%, compared to 1.44 million CGT (49).

Looking at the overall volume of orders accumulated this year, the LNG carrier was 1.81 million CGT (21 ships), with no difference compared to the same period last year (1.82 million CGT, 21 ships). Container shipments, meanwhile, totaled 570,000 CGTs (10 vessels), two thirds of the same period last year.

The biggest drop in shipbuilding orders was for super-large tankers (VLCCs) and bulk carriers. (10) and 92,000 CGT (27), respectively, fell by 117 million CGT (73%) and 9 million CGT (51%) in relation to the same period of the previous year.

At the end of last month, the global order backlog was CZK 80.47 million, down by CZK 138 million from the previous month. Korea maintained a similar level (reduction of 5,000 CGT), while China decreased by 640,000 CGT and Japan by 560,000 CGT. The order backlog per country is 2947,000 CGT (37%) in China, 2112,000 CGT (26%) in Korea and 1409,000 CGT (18%) in Japan.

On the other hand, the May issue of Clarkson in May recorded 131 points, the same as last month. Looking at shipbuilding prices by ship type, the tanker (VLCC) was $ 93 million the same month last month, and the container line was $ 110.1 million, which was $ 500,000 . LNG carriers, whose unit prices are up, rose $ 500,000 to $ 185.5 million.

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