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Last season, the musical & # 39; Aida & # 39; back on stage


Aida's Music Performance (Photo: Provided by Synshi Company)

Aida's original Broadway version, the return of this year's final season, opened its grand finale.

Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions and created by pop master Elton John and legendary music legend Tim Rice, Aida is not based on animations such as Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King. This is the first work ever done.

The musical & # 39; Aida & # 39; planned since 1994, was born as a highly mature musical after a long period of seven years. After her first performance at the Palace Theater in March 2000, she won four awards: Tony Awards for Composition, Stage Design, Lighting Design and Best Actress and Grammy for Best Music Album.

The film portrays three stories: Princess Ida of Nubia, Princess Amneris, daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh, and General Ramadas, both loved by two women.

When Egypt colonized all neighboring countries and enslaved the people, the theme of the most beautiful story in the world was the story of love.

In Korea, it debuted in 2005 and has since performed 732 performances and attracted 730,000 viewers in four seasons.

This year, the musical & # 39; Aida & # 39; marks the end of a 14-year journey after the fifth season in Korea.

Aida's Music Performance (Photo: Provided by Synshi Company)

The musical & # 39; Aida & # 39; which premiered on the 16th of last year is of the highest level, so make sure that co-director Keith Batten, who has been with this work since his debut in Korea. In 2005, he is confident that he has selected an actor for the last stage. Actors and ensembles are always introducing the audience.

Actors and groups selected through fierce auditions such as members Gong Joo-ju, Jeong Sun-ah, Ivy, Kim Woo-hyung, Jeon Na-young and Choi Jae-rim, who shone their work, will perform the musical. ; Aida & # 39; and the beautiful end of 14 years of history.

Yoon Gong-ju, who played Aida in the musical & # 39; Aida & # 39; Prescall at Blue Square Interpark Hall in Yongsan-gu said: It was full, and there were actors and staff preparing together, so I didn't even have time to relax. "

Yoon Gong-ju, who prided himself on his name as & # 39; Aida & # 39; In 2016, it showed its strong performance captivating its audience. He is also impressed again with the title & # 39; Aida & # 39; in the final season of this year.

Yoon Gong-ju "I always pray that I can make a mistake or make a mistake before the performance so that I can focus on the moment without losing the center of my mind." "It's because I'm with the audience who visits the theater with me and money, so I don't want to lose my mind no matter what."

Jeon Na-young, another & # 39; Aida & # 39 ;, is a talented actor who won a role in last season's fierce competition. The energy, elegance, and delicate smoke of the little body attracted the judges of the day.

Dutch-born Jeon Na-young said she felt tremendous responsibility and trembling on the Korean stage after a long time.

Jeon Na-young said, "The musical" Aida "is very special because it was my first musical in the Netherlands when I was 10 years old." And I am so honored that I was born in the Netherlands and can perform in my own country in Korea. You got over it.

"The responsibility is huge. In fact, I came to Korea three months before training and I have a hard time practicing ambassadors and preparing not to disappoint the Korean public." I can't lose or do my best every day. "

Choi Jae-rim of the role of Ladames was also selected with Jeon Na-young during this season's fierce competition.

Choi Jae-lim says: "Since Aida itself is not very bright. It's about dying and at war. They love each other intensely and can get immersed in acting because of their weight. There are so many people that the actors there are a lot of challenges, "he said." I feel great when I do that. "

However, "I think the audience knows the hearts of the actors and crew when they see the performance because there is a sense of mission last season," he said. Hope you can go.

Kim Woo-hyung from Ladames and Jung Seong-ah from Princess Amneris are veterans who have participated in her third work in Aida since 2010. Both show a more mature performance with a high understanding of character and experience.

First of all, Kim Woo-hyung said, "The Ida musical is a very precious job for me and it's a moment of tears just to be able to get back on stage." I hope to be full on stage with so many emotions and acting. "

"This season, unlike any other season, it seems that different resolutions, beliefs and responsibilities arise," he said. "I promised to show the best performances on every show during the showcase. I will try my best."

Aida's Music Performance (Photo: Provided by Synshi Company)

Jung Sun-ah, who was honored for receiving the Best Actress Award for her role as Amnesia in 2012, also showed her love for her work.

Jeong Seon-ah said, "The actors and stages we are with now are so precious. If an actor does it three times, we can do it because we really love and care about it." "I love you very much."

Also, "I was on stage with the actors this time," I must be on stage. I can live on stage and be applauded and loved by the audience. I felt once again. "

Ivy, who played Aida in 2016 after auditioning, came back more mature.

Ivy said, "I touched Amnesis a second time and felt a moment was precious. I felt like a gift and wanted to breathe with the audience." As far as the public responded. The actors are trying to show only the best, so I expect a lot of love. "

He said, "I had a lot of mind control for a year and made a lot of efforts to deal with my own pressure." "Most importantly, I tried to show something. I hope it's visible to the public, and I'll try to become a better actor."

The musical & # 39; Aida & # 39; will be presented at Blue Square Interpark Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul until February 23, 2020.

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